More phones get Flash, iPhone users still in the dark

Adobe Flash Player has extended its reach to almost every available mobile device manufacture and software companies to support Adobe Flash on all mobiles, with the Apple iPhone being one of the few exceptions. Apple still refuses to support Flash on the iPhone because of security headaches for the company.

In the past, Adobe have extended their reach to Apple to support Flash on the iPhone, even going as far as making a working version, but was rejected by Apple, stating the Flash Lite was still too slow.

Up until now, Adobe has managed to support relationships with Research In Motion, Microsoft's Windows Mobile, Palm and now Google's Android. The relationship with each company supports Flash Lite on mobile phones, but with processors getting faster on devices, consumers will soon be able to run Flash 10.1 and get updates over the air.

Now that Adobe Flash is supported on all top selling mobile phones, all but the Apple iPhone, consumers still await Steve Jobs to finally co-operate with Adobe to launch an iPhone version of Adobe Flash Player.

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To be honest I couldn't careless, I've never had a good experience with Flash so I'm hardly bothered it's absent on my iPod touch :P it does the job just fine without it and it's hardly crippling Apple not supporting it. Nobody is forced to use an iPod touch/iPhone so if you need Flash support, there are plenty of other devices out there that support it. That is my 2 cents take with a grain of salt.

Hahh..I can not even manually sync my iphone on two computers. what else would you expect from apple? Support flash?
Here is one reason why this wont happen. %70 percent of the games on the web are flash-based. If apple were to support flash, that would basically cut into its profits from game sells on app store.

Or sales could explode again. Developers could package their already developed games into the app store and get paid instead.

Now thats nice, I really like the look of the Palm Pre. Never been interested in them really but this looks amazing!

I applaud apple for this! I live off of my iPhone and I rather wait until they get it right, then to release something that doesn't play well.

Its terrible to see half of the websites I visit dependent on flash. Its nice to see that atleast Apple is trying to force web designers to drop non-standard software from their websites.

Its the only reliable way to get video and audio on the Internet or *not* use a markup language from the 90s .

If what steve jobs said is true they're refusal to allow Flash on their devices is down to pure stupidity and misinformation (lets dig up that post from last year)

His assumptions about the flash light player are total nonsense as i have just shown
  1. The player is less than 1MB .
  2. The flash light player is perfectly capable of playing flash video and it has awalys been capable of video playback even with its first version .
  3. How much more complex can you get than PaperVision3d ?

What apple wants to do is force Adobe to develop an IPhone only flash 10 player , And that just isn't going to happen it goes ggenst the open screen project and Adobe's plan to release the fully capable mobile player when the new Targa chipset becomes widespread .

bob21 said,
Its the only reliable way to get video and audio on the Internet or *not* use a markup language from the 90s .

The iPhone 3.0 software supports HTML5's video tags which are not from the 90s.