More Windows Phone Dev Center improvements revealed

Last week, Microsoft announced that it added six more countries to its growing list of markets for Windows Phone app developers. On Friday, the company revealed some new improvements it has made to the Windows Phone Dev Center for those app developers.

In a post on the official Windows Phone developer blog, Microsoft said that one new improvement offers a way for developers to review an app submission before making a decision to actually submit it for consideration by Microsoft. As you can see in the image below, the review page has three sections. The Submission section shows the publish option that has been picked, while the App section shows any changes that have been made to the app. The final section shows a list of the XAPs that will be published for the Windows Phone app.

Speaking of XAP files, the blog states that the Dev Center now has a new user interface that is designed to make things easier for developers to manage those files in their app submissions. Finally, the Dev Center now has a new interface for developers to check on the the certificates needed for using the Microsoft Push Notification Service for their apps.

Source: Windows Phone developer blog | Image via Microsoft

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Just yesterday I posted on dev center forum that the interface, compared to Windows Store Apps one is awful!
Today is still like that, it seems that the screenshots they posted are fake, or concept...