Most of us may Google it; But Russians 'Yandex' it !

In most parts of the world you might "Google" for the answer, a Chinese may"Baidu" it;. But a Russian would more likely "Yandex" it !

Yandex ( Russian: Я́ндекс ) is a Russian search engine and one of the largest Russian Web portals. Yandex was launched in 1997. Its name can be explained as "Yet Another iNDEXer" ( yandex ) or "Языково́й (language) Index". The Russian word "Я" corresponds to English "I" (as the singular first-person pronoun), making "Яndex" a bilingual pun on "Index".

Few outside of Russia have heard of the Yandex search engine, but that may soon change. Yandex has 44% of the Russian market—10 points ahead of Google—and is now the No. 2 search outfit in Europe, according to researcher comScore. Yandex is expected to list its shares on Nasdaq this fall, fetching as much as $2 billion. That would be Russia's largest-ever initial public offering in tech, valuing the company at around $5 billion. Although Yandex declined to comment about the listing, analysts and investors are expecting a blockbuster. "This IPO should be very popular," especially among investors eager to tap into Russia's Internet market, says Konstantin Belov, an analyst at Uralsib, a Moscow bank.

Link: BusinessWeek

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looks like more yahoo instead google. Probably they are talking about the tracing methods they use, in that case, yes, they are the russian google...

well this is old news to me lol. been using this search engine for ages. finds lots of things that the "mighty google" lol fails to find.

Exactly, it's about the indexing and the strength of their spiders. Even if the site's front end doesn't appeal to us there's no reason they can't slap on a new one to market it in more fickle areas. Besides, when other sites innovate it provides competition and competition provides innovation. If there's no competition, a company WILL become complacent because they will allocate resources elsewhere. Companies usually focus on fixing their weaknesses, not improving their strengths (why improve if you are already the leader in your market, you won't get any more money, investors will get mad at you for spending so much for such little gain).

They get a lot of attention with little marketing because of their engine, but as a counter-example, even with all of its marketing Windows MSN Live Search.NET doesn't gain a good reputation among users because it is less functional and useful.

If google hasn't done " no evil ", then there's no concern from Google on EU regulators..

But on the other hand if Google isn't only " No evil "...

Most of us, but not me.

I AM able to think on my own and not use just one search engine because of all the other fanboys saying how great it "isn't"!!