Moto X details officially revealed; release by early September for $199

After teasing us with a newspaper ad in July, Motorola and its parent company Google have officially announced the first concrete details on the Moto X. The smartphone will be priced at $199 with a new two year contract, and will go on sale in the US, Canada and Latin America sometime in late August or early September and will ship with Android 4.2.2, not 4.3 which was released along with the new Nexus 7 last week.

The hardware specs are as follows:

  • 4.7 inch 720p AMOLED display
  • X8 Motorola chipset that contains two dual-core 1.7GHz Snapdragon S4 Pro processors,
  • Quad-core Adreno 320 GPU
  • 2 GB of RAM
  • 16 or 32 GB storage
  • 50 GB of free cloud storage on Google Drive for two years.
  • Rear camera: 10 megapixels - Front facing camera; 2 megapixels.

The Moto X is supposed to make it easy to take pictures quickly with its camera hardware and software. The press release states:

Need to capture that perfect moment before it’s gone? All it takes is two quick twists of your wrist and Moto X’s Quick Capture camera is ready to shoot. Touch anywhere on the screen and you’ll get just the shot you want. Its high-quality sensor can capture the darkest scenes or stop motion blur in bright light. You’ll see the difference in every shot.

Motorola is really hyping the fact that the Moto X is being made in the US, in a Fort Worth, Texas assembly plant. It's also hyping up what it calls Moto Maker, which will allow its owners to customize the smartphone's front, back, and accents. There will also be ways to change the phone's memory and wallpapers before it ships and there will even be a way to add a name or small message on the device.

While the Moto X will be sold by a number of wireless carriers in the US, the custom Moto Maker feature will only be available at first for people who buy the phone from AT&T, with added support later for Best Buy customers.

Source: Motorola | Image via Motorola

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panacea said,
Expected it to be sold cheaper.

Just found out that the promised cheaper version will be on the way.
Apparently this is a flagship launch of series of similar devices.

DarkNet said,
It's not Made in America.

Assembled in America. Is that better? Still it will cost more to assemble in the USA than China.

Deihmos said,

Assembled in America. Is that better? Still it will cost more to assemble in the USA than China.

Nah. They have to do that so Motorola has a short turn around time from when the buyer customizes and orders it and it is at their doorstep. It would cost just about as much if it were customized and shipped from China.

People are to focused on price here. If it works as well as advertised and stated, then $200 is well worth the price. Especially if you get a fast, fluid, long lasting battery that out beats the competition. Also with great support and updates. I'd pay $200 for that.

techbeck said,

Really? Read again. Fast and fluid wasnt referencing the battery.

That's exactly what it says: "a fast, fluid, long lasting battery"

I expected it to be in the $300 AS EVERY SITE REPORTED... obviously with all the fake rumors going around, these "news" sites should check their sources and facts. How many times do you need to get burned before you stop touching the fire?

Just reading the specs the only disappointment is the screen resolution. All the rest is surely unknowns until it gets reviewed.

EG. Camera quality, performance (different chipset to everything else), and support (updates).

I say give it a fair chance, wait until it's been properly evaluated. You all seem to be writing it off because it doesn't have 2X the everything of the competition at 1/3 the price. Like it would ever happen. Be realistic.

1/3 the price? It's not 1/3rd the price...

It's exactly the same price as other high end smartphones. People complained that the lumia 1020 at $645 off contract was ridiculously overpriced. The 32gb version of this is $630...

It's "Assembled in the USA". "Made in" and "Assembled in" are two very distinctly different legal terms that are allowed to be applied to products.

"Made in America" means that around 80% of the parts are wholly made in the US and that final assembly is done in the US. "Assembled in America" means 0% up to 80% of the parts inside were made outside the US and it was just put together here.

they missed a chance with this. the screen and 32 gig exclusive to AT&T. The $199 on contract tells me this phone is probably in the $500 range? Its no better than the Nexus which you can get for $350 unlocked I think.

$200 ON CONTRACT for a mid-ranged device is ridiculous.

"AT&T says that the full off-contract retail price for the 16GB and 32GB Moto X will be $575 and $630, respectively."

Again, SUPER Garbage pricing from AT&T unlocked. The Google Play version may be cheaper though, as past prices for phones indicated. This would have to match the $350 Nexus 4, since this is already a mid-ranged device, but I'm not sure what they are thinking about off-contract pricing, since on-contract is $200.

Also, w/ the Google Play version, I wonder what specific features you are losing. I guess we will have to wait to see when the Google Play version is announced.

It's gonna be a toss-up between what features you are losing w/ a stock version (that gets updates fast) vs how long Moto takes to update its own ROM w/ the new version. They say they 'hope' to have updates out fast, but given OEM track records, I don't trust OEMs word.

I will have to say, just looking on the surface, it seems like a great device. But as you factor more and more info into it (Cost on & off-contract), Customization's only available to AT&T version, Features that will probably be lost if you go w/ Google Play version (to account for who knows how long updates take from OEM version), it seems like Moto just keeps giving reasons why to NOT buy this phone.

LOL! 575 unlocked. Are they serious? My Xperia ZL costs around 500 unlocked over here, with mostly the same specs and a bigger screen and better resolution with a better camera.

greensabath said,

I just don't know where to begin to correct all the ignorance in this post.

What makes this phone mid range? Because it is dual core processor? Because it also has a Quad Core GPU? Because it also has two additional cores for voice and sensors? Because it has 2GB RAM? Compare what I just said to a mid-range device today. Last year? I think a lot of people are looking at the dual core processor and their brain stops functioning after that. A lot of things are getting offloaded to the GPU or the specialized cores. This frees up the main cores for actual processing.

What is this Google Play edition you speak of? Nowhere was it mentioned there will be a Google Play edition.

Customization is not only for AT&T. It is coming to Verizon. AT&T just has an immediate exclusivity on it.

And what stuff would you lose or gain in a hypothetical Google Play edition. Well it doesn't take much to figure out if you know your software. First on what you would lose.

You would lose the off screen voice commands (OK Goggle Now), the specialized motions (i.e. double twist of the hand to go to camera wit screen off), the camera app that is designed by Motorola and carrier bloat (so far there isn't much but it is there currently).

What you will gain. 100% stock OS. Google's Camera which includes Photosphere. Immediate updates.

What I am not sure of is if there is any specialized software currently in the Moto X that carries out tasks for the various cores mentioned earlier and how that will change on an AOSP build.

Bottom line is this looks like a really good phone. I just don't like how small it is personally and I am holding out for this year's Nexus device or Galaxy Note 3.


"What makes this phone a mid-range device?"
Umm, I don't know...maybe because every review site has classified it as such, in terms of its performance. Yea, it's GOOD, but for the SAME price as high-end phones, it doesn't really seem like worth the option.

"What is this Google Play edition you speak of?"
Maybe if you would see the link I posted, you will see that it talks about...I don't know...THE GOOGLE PLAY Edition that is coming!

"Customization is not only for AT&T. It is coming to Verizon."
It is probably true that is gonna be a timed exclusive, but I'm just gonna reply w/ your own reply of "Nowhere was it mentioned that this is coming to any other carriers"

"And what stuff would you lose..."
I guess I should have clarified more about this. I understand what you will lose software-wise, concerning the specific applications they mention for the Moto X.

"What I am not sure of is if there..."
This is what I'm concerned w/ as well. I don't know how the specific hard-ware related features will be affected/disabled with a Stock build of Android.

"....I am holding out for this year's Nexus"
I am now in the same boat as well.

greensabath said,

The NYC event for the Moto X made no mention of the Google Play edition. The Verizon rep on site said that the Moto Maker is coming to Verizon in a few months.

Motorola said that their would be a version of Moto X on Google Play Store but that it will be lower end. Not the same as what you see here.

Just because every site calls it a mid range phone doesn't make it so. I saw benchmarks of the Moto X beating out the Samsung Galaxy S4, HTC One and LG Nexus 4 in graphics. So let me ask you, why do you need a quad-core phone? For gaming? Well this has a quad-core GPU.

You know how many idiots out there bought a HTC One Google Play edition or rooted their HTC One (from carrier) and expected the same camera?

It's all about software. Would you call the iPhone 5 or Nokia Lumia 925 mid range devices? I mean you are going by hardware alone.

Most people just see specs when it comes to Android. But if they have no knowledge about how other mobile OS hardware, they would call those mid range devices.

If you know anything about Android Hardware, you know you are not going to get the latest and greatest hardware. The Nexus program is not about hardware at all. Also, don't be surprised if a Nexus 4 successor doesn't come out until May 2014. I don't expect Key Lime Pie to come out until Google I/O.

Meh... I'm not terribly impressed.... I don't see much benefit over the DNA... Bought that a couple months ago and glad I didn't wait for this.