Motorola introduces a phone made from recycled water bottles

Motorola has officially jumped onto the eco-friendly bandwagon, though this bandwagon is a good one. The struggling mobile phone manufacturer has introduced the Moto W233 Renew and is hoping people, especially environmentalists, take notice.

While the Renew, as a phone, isn't that impressive, sporting GSM connectivity and a small 1.6" screen with a 128 x 128 resolution, it's the housing that should catch your attention. The plastics that comprise the shell of the phone are made entirely from plastics produced from recycled water bottles. This use of recycled materials means that the manufacturing process uses 20% less energy and that the outer shell of the phone is 100% recyclable. The Renew is also the first mobile device to receive the CarbonFree certification from Motorola is also boasting the device's 9 hour talk time, which means you'll also spend less time and electricity charging it up.

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Its actually the type of plastic that is used. I actually make plastic packaging at my work, mostly for medical. But i know a lot about plastic. So if you have any questions shoot them here. The plastic for most bottles is Polyethylene or a #1 (PETE) plastic and is very sturdy. Like what was said above the bottle is very thin. There is also different types of modifiers that are used to make the plastic harder also and are still recyclable.

The phone is actually ugly and i think Moto is falling off in my opinion. They are way behind there competition. They keep showing phones that don't do anymore than the ones that are already on the market. People will by them if they get them free with a new contract. Moto will still get there money for them. With all the nicer phones out now and better deals they better get something out that's more impressive than the two i have seen in the last few days. Even that touch phone is not really that nice.

But if you know how to market things right your can sell a pile of crap to almost anyone.

Wonder how durable it is... The plastic for water bottles is pretty much the crappiest plastic possible (hence warnings on reusing them). The only crappier plastic is those found in the lids, lol, and those aren't even recycled.

The warning on reusing plastic bottles is because they get cracks and dents easily (because they are extremely thin to not use excessive amounts of plastic for no reason) - these cracks "house" bacteria and the likes and so putting more water into them to drink once they have been opened has the posibility of being dangeround for your health.

In Germany to name one country, you actually have to put a deposit on plastic bottles so they can be reused - however the quality is much better and more sturdy.

Yeah, don't understand all that space going unused. Something like this would be better:

(resolution not fit to match screen size)

witalit said,
Motorola really need to work on the design/look of their phones. Fugly little things.

Why do they insist on tall thin writing, too. Ugh. There's a reason most typefaces are not very tall and not very wide (hello Linux).

carmatic said,
what about the really toxic parts of the phone like the PCB and the screen and all that?

There's a limit to how much you can do. That doesn't mean you shouldn't try.