Motorola reveals Android 4.0 upgrade list

If you own a Motorola created Android smartphone or tablet, you might be wondering if your product will be getting an upgrade to Android 4.0. Today, Motorola posted up a note on its support forums with more information about those upgrade plans. The note confirmed that the Droid RAZR, the Droid RAZR Maxx, the Droid Bionic and the just launched Droid 4 will all be getting an Android 4.0 update at some point.

In addition, the Motorola Xoom WiFi/3G-4G tablet and the recent Droid Xyboard tablets (both 8.1 and 10.1 inch versions) will be upgraded from Android 3.0 to Android 4.0. The WiFi only version of the Motorola Xoom has already received its Android 4.0 update for the US.

The note also offers up a few specifics as to when some of these devices will be receiving the Android 4.0 upgrade in the US and other parts of the world. The list reveals that for the US, owners of the Axtrix 4G MB860 and the Photon 4G smartphones should get Android 4.0 sometime in the third quarter of 2012 along with the Motorola Xyboard tablets. There are still no upgrade timetable for any of the other Motorola devices mentioned in the list.

Older Motorola Android products such as the Droid 3 and the Droid X2 are still in the "evaluation and planning" stages and may or may not get an Android 4.0 upgrade.

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Oh, but the update process of the 'first' NoDo on WP7 had a few glitches, and Android users that were still clueless to how Android works raced to make fun of how much WP7 sucks.

A year later and even the oldest WP7 devices sold are all running that latest version of WP7 OS, with all fixes and updates.

Microsoft took a page from their own history and demonstrated how to provide hardware independence and a solid and consistent OS/Software experience at the same time. (Benefiting both MFRs and Users by filling the gap of depending on MFRs for OS/Software and ensuring users have the latest updates.)

So here we are again, and Motorola Mobile, the company being acquired by Google, does not plan and will not provide the latest versions of Android for phones that shipped just a few months ago.

This is just one reason why the Android OS 'model' is highly flawed as executed by Google, let alone the technical and architectural OS flaws that would have been laughable for an OS in 1990, and is just sad in 2012.

This is another element of Android's multi-levels of fragmentation isolating MFRs, Developers, & Consumers.

The biggest cause for concern is the security lapse this leaves in a lot of devices. There are 1.6, 2.0, 2.1, 2.2, and 2.3 exploits in Android that are wide open and they are NOT patched on 99% of all Android phones and never will updated or patched on 90% of all Android phones.

This trend will continue, as there is no guarantee an Android 4.0 tablet sold today will ever receive an update either.

Sure WP7 will start to fragment at a point in the future, but like Windows itself, this fragmentation only occurs in one specific area at a time, instead of layers of fragmentation. First developers are hit, then older hardware is hit, etc. However, as Microsoft does with Windows, security and patches will still be available.
*(Microsoft still provides 'new' security patches for software they made 15 years ago, even though they are not officially supported. )

It would be nice if Android MFRs and Google could do this for products 1 year old.

I feel your pain Motorola people. I have a Nexus S here and I'm STILL waiting for the ICS update. Why hasnt it been released yet? Who knows... Quite sad IMO...

My Droid 3 isn't even 6 months old... Motorola knew what was going to happen when they dropped the Droid 4.

seeing as the game is to sell phones - one easy way to do that is not upgrading certain phones forcing you to ante up if you want ICS.

What I don't understand is why is the Photon 4G guaranteed to get the update when the very same phone (Electrify) says its in "Evaluation & Planning" stage. The only difference between these phones is the 4G radio in the Photon.

The whole will the update come or not problem isn't as bad as I used to be I think, my phone came when Froyo was the main version, then I got given the update to 2.3 and now it's been confirmed I'm gonna get ICS

roadwarrior said,
And for every person like you, there are probably 5-10 of us who might never see any update for a phone that we just bought.

Because you problably got your phone cheap on some 1 year commitment plan.

Happens here a lot and people bitch about it. What do you expect?

(My comment is not towards you or your case. Im talking about in general)

htcz said,

Because you problably got your phone cheap on some 1 year commitment plan.

Happens here a lot and people bitch about it. What do you expect?

(My comment is not towards you or your case. Im talking about in general)

I'm in the US, so nearly all phones are sold with a 2 year contract, no matter what their initial cost is. They are all quite often given away for free (or relatively low cost), even sometimes new, top of the line phones. That certainly isn't unusual at all here, and is absolutely no reason for the phones to never get an update.

I'll be seeing 4.0 on my bionic probably some time around July if the "data drop bug fix" in their OS is any indication of how long it will take... Took them about 5 months to release that.

"will all be getting an Android 4.0 update at some point."

Bit typical for Android phones huh? If they get an upgrade at all...

If you notice they say this about USA phones so you can place the blame squarely on USA carriers. All the international version are already in development or deployment.

techbeck said,
Not all phone manufacturers are the same.

So far I haven't seen an impressive update record from any Android vendor.