Motorola teases new power related product

Tech companies love to release teaser videos ahead of new product announcements, and it's especially true around the time of CES. Already we have seen teaser videos released in the past few days from Razer and also from HP that are designed to get us interested in their CES 2012 product announcements next week.

Now you can add Motorola to that list of companies that has offered up a teaser video via YouTube for a CES reveal. The video shows what looks like a USB-based power hub; however when the camera gets closer the USB hub seems to get all sad, including a tear.

So what is this all about? The video itself is titled, "Stay Unplugged with Motorola" which leads to speculation that the company might announce something that is related to wireless power. It might be something similar to the Powermat device that allows cell phones and other devices to be powered up without the need for a USB or other wired power connection.

In any case, the final reveal will be made sometime during CES 2012 in Las Vegas next week. We will be there to find out exactly what Motorola is up to.

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Nah I reckon it's a clone of the (already released by other companies) USB power brick, charge it up and plug your phone into it to recharge it.

And if it is, it's nothing new.

USB Peripherals over power sockets? I.e. can have a hard drive plugged in another room, but it'll appear as a USB device on your PC somewhere else?

Who knows..