Motorola to offer its Moto X $349 Cyber Monday price again following online order issues

Motorola offered a way for people to get an off-contract Moto X smartphone for $349 as part of a Cyber Monday promotion. Apparently, that was too good to pass up for many people shopping online at home or work yesterday, but the problem was that Motorola did not anticipate the amount of demand their Cyber Monday promotion would generate.

As a result, the website that was processing orders went down and many people were unable to buy the Moto X. Also, the MotoMaker website, where people could customize the colors of the smartphone, was overwhelmed with traffic. In a blog post, Motorola CEO Dennis Woodside stated, "I want to apologize to our customers and fans for the issues we experienced on our website with our Cyber Monday promotion."

The good news? Woodside said that the $349 Moto X off-contract promotion will be offered again on Wednesday, starting at noon Eastern time, and again on Monday, December 9th. He added, "We will double the quantity of phones available, while supplies last, to allow as many people as possible to take advantage of the promotion." Motorola will cut the price of all Moto X accessories by 30 percent for those two days.

Source: Motorola | Image via Motorola

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Thanks for giving us what the real MSRP should be as a "sale" price. We really appreciate the gentler reaming with some lube this time!

At least they are honoring the sale after the issues they were having. Still think the Moto X needs something else tho to justify the $350 price tag. May as well get an N5 as the customization of the Moto X does not justify the price IMO.

-adrian- said,
Hello - customizing the colours. This is just awesome:P

That is nice...but doesnt justify the cost of the phone IMO.

-adrian- said,
Hello - customizing the colours. This is just awesome:P

Wow just like my Samsung Hue from 2007.

Now I'm ready to sell a kidney to buy one of these!