Motorola unveils the Hint QA30 sliding QWERTY mobile phone

Motorola has unveiled a new mobile device, the Motorola Hint QA30. The Hint features an increasingly popular sliding design which reveals a full QWERTY keyboard neatly tucked beneath a 2.5 inch 320x240 display. The device also features 128MB of RAM and 256mb of onboard memory, which can be expanded to over 8GB via the available microSD slot. There's also the mainstream standard 2.0MP camera with digital zoom and aGPS included. The Hint QA30's battery will let you talk to your friends about how amazing your new phone is for about 4.5 hours per charge.

While the Hint QA30 is not a smartphone, it does offer access to many Google services including Search, Maps, News, YouTube and Blogger. How well these integrated services work is still yet to be seen, but an unlimited data plan is strongly recommended.

The Motorola QA30 is expected to land with US cellular provider, and recent Verizon acquisition, Alltel by mid to late December. Details regarding the price are still unknown.

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Motorola is a steaming pile of fail.

They have produced two phones in the past 20 years that have done well. The rest, no one cares.

wow. gee. i thought my nokia n96 was good, but this freaking thing is great!!! in fact, i am dripping saliva with excitement ...

oh wait. it's not saliva, but my sarcasm.

The keys don't look spaced out! That's gonna cause problems; it is how spaced out the keys are not how small they are that effects how easy it is to use them, i think.

There is no room between keys on my Q9H. They are rounded up in the middle, though, which makes it easy to discern between the different keys. I can type very accurately without even looking at my phone. If this keyboard is like that, and it looks to be, then it's going to be fine.

It looks nice, but the qwerty keypad looks like it might be a tad to small. Oh well for me, I just renewed my phone contract so that's not something I have to worry about for about 2 more years.

"While the Hint QA30 is, in fact, a dumbphone, it does offer access to many Google services including Google Search, Google Maps, YouTube, Google News, and Blogger."
Wow... excellent writer. So many commas. And what is a "dumbphone"? A definition would be nice.

haha dumbphone.

Makes me think of my friends one which dropped the connection every 30 seconds, had all the keys faded, barely working screen and about a days battery life. That was the definition of a dumbphone

Looks cool. Glad Motorola is still making simple phones that a lot of people still like and dont have to shell out $400+. I dont need access to the internet 24/7 or to my email even though I am in the Information Technology field. The things I look most for in a phone is reception and battery life.