Mozilla extends Firefox 1.5 support to mid-May

Contrary to previous plans, Mozilla Corporation has decided to extend support for its 17-month-old Firefox 1.5.0.x browser until mid-May. Developers have decided to delay the last security update, Firefox, because of a higher-than-expected number of bugs awaiting attention. Initial testing of the automatic upgrade from 1.5.0.x to 2.0.0.x, which will update all Firefox 1.5.0.x users who have the browser's auto-updating tool turned on, has been completed. Still, Mozilla wants to wait until after is out before dealing with that upgrade. According to the most recent schedule on its Web site, Mozilla had pegged May 15 as the release date for (and a similar security update that brings the newest version to With the delay announced this week, however, that deadline is at risk. A note on Mozilla's schedule stated "Will likely be pushed out, at least by a week."

News source: ComputerWorld

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I don't think 2.0 is such a big improvement as people point out. Firefox still has the so called "memory leak" feature. I've switched to opera just a week ago and noticed a big improvement in performance when many tabs are open - its garbage collection is far more efficient. And I have 2GB of RAM!! Then again I do miss the live bookmarks but my grazr panel is an adequate substitute for the Sage extention.

eh I'm still using 1.5. Mostly due to laziness and having a handful of extensions that wont work.

Will upgrade soon I guess.

Firefox 2 isn't that much better than 1.5. Why go through the hassle of all the testing when the average person won't be more productive? I believe the Mozilla Foundation should devote more of its energy to making corporate deployments easier and the browser more robust and stable. A browser with the ease of deployment of IE, the performance and stability of opera and the extensibility of firefox would be a no-brainer for any business.

Some people didn't want to upgrade to the 2.0 series release of Firefox from the 1.5 series because they felt the new UI was actually worse than in the 1.5 series. However, there is no reason to not upgrade now. Enough Firefox 2 hack pages (about:config anybody?) have been published on the Web. You can change the UI to look similar to the 1.5 series easily enough.

Huh? What? Firefox 1.5? Version 2's been out for ages now!

There's no reason to keep 1.5 sheesh. Upgrade already

It may be because a lot of Linux distros still ship with FF1.x, and not FF2.x

I do believe that it's time that people started switching though, FF2.0.x is much better than FF1.5 ever was in my opinion.