Mozilla releases Firefox RC 3

Just days into the Firefox 3 RC 2, Mozilla releases Firefox Release Candidate 3.

Firefox 3 is based on the Gecko 1.9 Web rendering platform, which has been under development for the past 34 months. Building on the previous release, Gecko 1.9 has more than 15,000 updates including some major re-architecting to provide improved performance, stability, rendering correctness, and code simplification and sustainability. Firefox 3 has been built on top of this new platform resulting in a more secure, easier to use, more personal product with a lot more under the hood to offer website and Firefox add-on developers.

View: Mozilla Firefox 3 RC 3 Main Page
View: Mozilla Firefox 3 RC 3 Release Notes

Download: Firefox 3 RC3 English for Windows | 7.15 MB
Download: Mozilla Firefox 3 RC3 English for Mac OS | 17.17 MB
Download: Mozilla Firefox 3 RC3 English for Linux | 8.66 MB

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Installing RC3 over the top of RC2 seems to have screwed up the Adobe Flash player plugin on my PC. It keeps trying to install over and over, and no Flash movies will now play.

As far as I am aware, rc2 is exactly the same as rc3 for Windows and Linux users. There was a bug that needed to be fixed in the Mac edition of rc2.

Just what I thought. To fast for a new RC and as well to close to the the final release on the 17th of June.

Am I the only one thinking that it's going be a rush release? I think that there's a lot that could be made.
With more a lot of tabs firefox consumes a lot of memory, it could be more speedy than IE 8 (for example), etc...