Mozilla Rushes to Release to Fix New Issues

Mozilla Corp. will rush another version of Firefox to users as early as next week, the company's user interface designer said Tuesday, to fix five bugs it introduced in last Wednesday's security update. Firefox patched ten vulnerabilities, including three critical flaws, but also shipped with five regression bugs -- problems unintentionally introduced when code was changed to plug other holes. "Most users won't see any difference or experience any problems," said Mike Beltzner of Mozilla in a posting to the company's development center blog. "We're working fast to understand and fix these problems, and will shortly be issuing a update to address them."

According to notes from a weekly Mozilla meeting on Firefox, the regression reports began accumulating over the weekend. Firefox was posted for download late Wednesday, Oct. 17. Three of the five problems were limited to Windows, but two page rendering issues affected all versions of the browser, including those for Mac OS X and Linux. The Windows-specific bugs included one that disables Firefox extensions after updating. The problem doesn't affect every copy of on Windows -- one user said it had hit just one of his four PCs -- and can be remedied by deleting a trio of files from the hard drive. Programmers are still working on a fix.

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Ok, I love Firefox. I think having the option of a good alternative over IE is great, but do they really need to keep updating the version number with every patch? I mean its great that they are fixing problems, but everytime they update the version # all my plugins and themes stop working. Hmm, oh well, with the preset themes in Firefox 3 looking good so far, I guess I won't have to worry about it then.

That's the fault of the extension/theme developers. They've set the version restriction too tight. I've never had a problem with a minor update like this borking any of my extensions or themes.

Unless you're running with 128MB of RAM, I fail to see how Firefox's memory usage constitutes a "problem".

I suggest you stop being one of these and start using one of these

Lant said,

Just remember that that's a feature.
It's a crappy feature. I've hit well over a gig on the odd occasion. SO if it is a feature and not a bug, it still needs to be fixed. Ohh and that was over multiple computers, not isolated to the one.

So many unknowledgeable people see this as a bug. "Firefox is using more memory than my other programs, it must be a memory leak!" If its a large concern, then disable it and take the the hit in performance while browsing the web. Me, I'd rather have Firefox use 5% of my memory and have much speedier browsing.

Meh, s*** happens as I always say. So long as they're working quickly to fix the issues they created, I don't see too much cause for concern.