Mozilla says Firefox 3 ready for prime-time

A new version of Mozilla's popular Firefox Web browser is ready for download with improved security and memory use as the tiny company takes a stab at Microsoft Corp's dominant Internet Explorer.

The program's creators told Reuters on Thursday that the privately-held company's trial version of Firefox 3 browser is ready for the masses to use after months of development. Until now, the company has discouraged average Internet users from moving on from Firefox 2, which was launched in October 2006.

"In many ways it (Firefox 3) is much more stable than anything else out there," Mozilla Corp Vice President of Engineering Mike Schroepfer said in an interview. Key rivals to Firefox are market leader Microsoft's Internet Explorer and Apple Inc's Safari browser.

News Source: Reuters

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Yeah I dont think soooo first off I run ubuntu beta 4 there is no home button the addons that doo work are the adblock and google notebook. . . nothing else . .. I want my del.ico bookmarks to work but they arnt . . . .youtube closes the browser sometimes. . . . . and it runs a little weird as if there is a memory leak. But not sure . ..

(Nxqd3051990 said @ #18)
I dont' find Menu Editor update for firefox 3 :p. I like the simple of safari menu context :p

It works after turning off compatibility checker.

Here is my list:

Generated: Sun Mar 23 2008 16:17:38 GMT-0500 (Central Daylight Time)
User Agent: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 6.0; en-US; rv:1.9b4) Gecko/2008030317 Firefox/3.0b4
Build ID: 2008030317

Enabled Extensions: [40]
- Adblock Filterset.G Updater
- Adblock Plus
- Auto Copy 0.6.4:
- Back to Top 5.0:
- BBCodeXtra
- Better Gmail 2 0.3.4:
- CacheViewer 0.4.5:
- Cooliris Previews 2.6:
- CustomizeGoogle 0.71:
- Dictionary Tooltip 1.1.2:
- Download Statusbar
- DownloadHelper 3.0.3:
- DownThemAll! 1.0:
- Drag de Go
- FEBE 5.3.1:
- FireFTP 0.97.1:
- Fotofox
- FreeShare Image Uploader 1.0.2:
- Gmail Space 0.5.92:
- Grab and Drag
- Greasemonkey 0.7.20080121.0:
- IE Tab 1.5.20080310:
- Image Assistant 0.2.4:
- ImageBot 3.5.4:
- Menu Editor
- Minimap Sidebar Extension 0.2.3:
- Mouse Gestures 1.5.2:
- MR Tech Local Install
- MultirowBookmarksToolbar 1.3:
- Organize Search Engines 1.1.2:
- Organize Status Bar 0.5.2:
- Password Exporter 1.1:
- Resizeable Textarea 0.1d:
- Resurrect Pages 1.0.8:
- ScrapBook
- Stylish 0.5.5:
- Tab Mix Plus
- UnPlug 1.6.06:
- VideoDownloader 1.1.1:
- Wizz RSS News Reader

Disabled Extensions: [10]
- Fasterfox 2.0.0:
- Firebug 1.05:
- Fireflix
- Image Zoom 0.3.1:
- McAfee SiteAdvisor 26.5:
- PicLens
- Searchbar Autosizer 1.3.7:
- SeoQuake 2.0.11:
- Text to Image 1.3.0:
- Web Developer 1.1.4:

Total Extensions: 50

Installed Themes: [1]
- Firefox (default):

Installed Plugins: (13)
- 2007 Microsoft Office system
- AOL Media Playback Plugin
- DivX Player Netscape Plugin
- DivX Web Player
- DivX® Content Upload Plugin
- IE Tab Plug-in
- Java™ Platform SE 6 U3
- JoostPlugin
- MetaStream 3 Plugin
- Microsoft® Windows Media Player Firefox Plugin
- Mozilla Default Plug-in
- Shockwave Flash
- Silverlight Plug-In

So far I like Firefox 3. Firefox 2 is very buggy for me, and so far Firefox 3 is much more responsive moving around web pages.

Although I probably won't switch to it until ccleaner adds support for it.

Beta 4 works great for me, but the title of this article is very misleading. If its so damn ready, then why isn't it final?

Is it really? Since about a week ago, the nightlies have been crashing much more often than they used to. Maybe it's better though.

(rpgfan said @ #7.2)
tritto (the di- prefix means "two", and the tri- prefix means "three", so it works, right? ...right?)

... Quatto?

They've done a decent job on the backend, improving performance and rendering speed.

They've done a ****ty job on the frontend with the broken interface that they're rushing to release.

(Relativity_17 said @ #6)
They've done a decent job on the backend, improving performance and rendering speed.

They've done a ****ty job on the frontend with the broken interface that they're rushing to release.

You got to be kidding right decent job?? compare to FF2 i say they did a fantastic job.

(Relativity_17 said @ #6)
They've done a decent job on the backend, improving performance and rendering speed.

They've done a ****ty job on the frontend with the broken interface that they're rushing to release.

SOMETHING needs to be buggy and broken, its the law of software :D
people cried it used to much memory? we can fix that, but first we need to compensate by breaking the interface
its the only way :O

Can't wait to use this.
FF changed the non-standard thinking of Microsoft with IE. IE8 is a proof for that.
Spaghetti-God bless FF.

(Sub_Zero_Alchemist said @ #3.1)

There's going to be one last beta, beta 5 after that on to RCs leading up to final.

There is already a nightly-build of beta 5. Search at google. I saw it few days ago.

(Julius Caro said @ #2)
Change the bloody default theme :P

There not, there going to be fine tuning the theme. it should be better before the final release is out and if you still don't like it change it to another theme.

Hm, nice, these memory optimizations and better rendering engine both rule, but new style full page zooming (instead of just text) and especially that new bloat drop down address menu both kinda suck (well full page zoom works nice but who wants to scroll left-right). Anyone knows how to toggle these options? And why change the scroll zooming direction from down for zoom-in to up for zoom-in?!

- Get rid of the full-page zooming with View > Zoom > Zoom Text Only.
- The size of the fonts used for the awesomebar is still being tweaked, but if you mean you actually dislike how the awesomebar works, then I guess you'll have to wait for an extension to implement the old behaviour. (Or there's oldbar extension to make it look like the old way, although it still searches the new way)
- Scroll zooming direction was changed to bring about parity with respect to what other apps do.

I love the new location bar. It took some getting used to, but after that point, it pains me to go back to a browser that doesn't let me find websites just by remembering words in the title of the page. It reminds me of when I had to use IE6 after using Firefox and impulsively hitting Ctrl+T to open a new tab only for it to not work.

Anyway, the new location bar is still getting tweaked, and beta5's will hopefully make things a bit better compared to beta4 for those who are learning its power. I say give it a chance :)

And if you remain dead-set against it, there is an OldBar extension to return it to the old style.

You don't like the AwesomeBar?

I like it. It is useful to me! I can remember bits and pieces of a thread's title and then add "neowin" to it and go back to a thread that I forgot about. It is a lot more convenient than searching through the history for the right thread!