Mozilla updates Fx3 Alpha Scheduling and Planning Options

Mozilla is planning to release the next alpha versions of their open source web browser on a monthly basis. Firefox 3, the current alphas for which are codenamed Gran Paradiso, is Mozilla's next major version milestone of its most popular application that a growing number of users have embraced. Gran Paradiso is a developer release (not intended for day-to-day use) which employs Mozilla's next generation layout engine: Gecko 1.9. Alpha 4 was released at the end of April, Alpha 5 is scheduled for May and Alpha 6 is being aimed at June. Beta 1 is supposedly going to be released on July 31, 2007 – but I will be very surprised if it doesn't get pushed back.

View: Firefox 3 Schedule

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Why does Mozilla make alphas of 3 and 4 while 2 has barely any new features compared to 1.5 or even 1? Let's stop and smell and the feature holes before running down the road of "my version number is bigger than yours!".

can this be installed along side of 2.0? or will they overlap each other and mess each others files up? I use FF2.0, but want to try out the alpha of 3.0...

Why is it so likely for the beta to get pushed back? I've used Alpha 4 on all the platforms it's available for, and it's only ever seemed unstable on OS X.