Mozilla's 2012 in an infographic

The browser wars are rumbling on – there’s no end in sight, countless pretenders to the throne and no clear winner. Well, unless you’re Internet Explorer.

With the browser wars, it’s all about personal preference, but there are three big ones who currently fight it out. They are Internet Explorer, Chrome and Firefox. At one time, Firefox was the browser that looked to take the crown from Internet Explorer, but then Chrome came along and stormed to a close second.

So Mozilla and the Firefox team has released an infographic, reminding users exactly why they are one of the big three in the browser space. We’ll let the graphic speak for itself, but with stats like “3 billion+ add-ons downloaded” and “Introduced the modern Web to 15,000,000 phones (ARMv6),” Mozilla is staying as competitive as ever in the volatile browser space.

Mozilla’s recent blog post goes through how in 2012, “on desktop, we [Firefox Engineering Team] found our mojo again” and “on Android, we listened to our users.” They also touch upon the “excitement” around Firefox OS and confirm that they need to keep evolving Firefox to be “what a browser can be.” 2013 is going to be an eventful year for the red fox!

Source and Image: Mozilla Blog

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NyaR said,
Facebook integration? Wtf? If you want facebook type I don't need that **** integrated.

Relax, the Facebook integration is disabled by default and is not enabled unless you do so at the Facebook messenger homepage.

even if Chrome looks better, it's still not correct.
If I wasn't looking at the code, I wouldn't expect the red area to be part of the file input as there's no hint anywhere that it is (not even a mouse pointer that tells me there will be an action triggered when I click), and the troll inside you knows it's not even acceptable UX to make a file input occupy 100% of the user's screen.

If you want to rant about Firefox doing something "wrong" use a real world scenario, not a synthetic test that is purposefully designed to make somebody else look bad.

Actually, it was a solution put in place to populate a file input using drag-drop. So basically on a dragover event it will size the hidden file input over the entire page so when you drop it, the file input gets populated (kind of like
Chrome handles the input like a block level element, so it obeys the width and height I give it regardless of what the input itself actually looks like (note the red canvas). *Firefox* on the other hand, completely ignores the width property, I have to font-size and the size attribute to change it in any way, completely shoddy. It also looks like a Windows 95 text field and is completely un-styleable, great UI practise there.

so you blame the browser because you don't know how to use the HTML5 drag and drop events and XHR to upload the file? maybe you should question your knowledge about web development before judging what a certain browser is doing ok or not.
Checked imgur source, they are doing it the correct way (that is, not using your flawed "full screen" file input). There's a reason why it works for them in Firefox and not for you.

One less user here, as this year, I ended up making the full-time switch to Chrome, and even ended up uninstalling Firefox, as just before that, it suddenly became as unstable and crash-prone as Lindsay Lohan (I always stay on the release channel, too).

'Social and facebook integration'
'2x faster, 50% less memory used'
Errr no, one of those is wrong.

Whats the facebook integration like, i.e. are there any forks that completely remove it all from the code base or is it some extension you can delete and blacklist or what?

I've just spent a good 40 minutes removing every last trace of 'social' and 'chat' from firefox 17.0.1 source code, compiling now.
If it works, I'll plonk the diff on the forums and submit a PKGBUILD to arch aur!

Really worth it? I had heard facebook integration would be introduced but I've seen none of it and I'm running FF18... You have to actually turn it on to see any of it (didn't try that though, not gonna risk it in case it's a mess to turn off ).

Ka74ever said,
Couldn't agree less. They're just stating facts, statistics... It's an infograghic for god's sake.

I wonder how google's infographic would look like, certainly several pages long.
But my point was that they look like just bragging and trying to prove something.

50 billion synced items. I'm surprised that so many people know about Sync, let alone use it. Impressive stats all round, glad to see them still doing so well after a shakey couple of years.

enc_MAYhem said,
50% faster 4x less memory used - interesting.

Don't care about memory used, but bullsh`t on that "faster". It's slow. I will remain with Chrome, thank you very much.