MS renames Xbox 360 Core to Xbox 360 Arcade, bundling change

Microsoft plans to cease the Xbox 360 "core" edition, but instead will offer an "arcade" version, which will feature five free arcade games along with a 256MB memory card and the Xbox Live Silver subscription, at the same price-point of $279 this fall. The only difference between "arcade" and "core" is the product bundle. The new Xbox 360 arcade can be pre-ordered at online store today, but the device will officially begin shipments on October 23rd.

Executives at Microsoft recently acknowledged that the company needs to attract casual gamers to the Xbox 360 platform to compete against Nintendo Wii and Xbox 360 arcade seems to be one of the first tangible actions to fulfill the intention. The Wii currently costs $249, and assuming Nintendo doesn't drop the price for Christmas, that's a $30 difference between the two consoles. Other than being cheaper, the Wii also has a unique motion-sensitive wireless game controller. As a result, Microsoft will need to promote the obvious advantages of its latest gaming platform: technical excellence and realistic graphics, something that is not really important for arcade games.

News source: Xbit Laboratories

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i have yet to meet someone who considers themselves a "casual gamer." either they like to play video games or seem to hate them and everything about them.

I really wish MS went with the route Sony did and allow users to upgrade there console's hard drives (all you have to do is remove 1 snap off panel, and 1 screw on the side of the ps3) that doesn't void out the warrenty.

Using arcade is a good start for going after the casual marekt. They need to follow up on this with showing those simple yet addictive games advertising TV, etc.

HDDs are NOT cheap, especially for laptop drives in that quantity. Whereas Flash is practically free.

Why do you think the Wii doesn't use a hard drive? And it doesn't even have all the other expensive components in the 360.

TCLN Ryster said,
2.5" laptop drives are significantly more expensive than that and are not available in sizes that big.

Actully, 60gb 5400 RPM SATA 2.5" laptop drive start around $60.

jstillion said,

Actully, 60gb 5400 RPM SATA 2.5" laptop drive start around $60.

Microsoft’s justification for the price? "I know it sounds expensive to a lot of consumers but we are comparable to those types of drives and also we have to go through a lot more testing and security," said Microsoft's Aaron Greenberg

The hard drive and lack of codec support are the reason i will not buy one.

Having a SKU without a HDD is the damn problem MS not the lack of a memory card in the package.

A memory card for the new arcade SKU really? And how many games can people fit on that tiny capacity card? Exactly.

*slaps MS*