MSI unveils the VESA-mounted Wind Box

Following the announcement of three nettops intended to rival the Asus Eee Box, MSI has unveiled a new product into its Wind range that takes a different and rather unique approach to the all-in-one segment. The un-creatively named MSI Wind Box is a nettop crammed inside a slim black, fanless enclosure designed to be VESA-mounted to the back of your monitor, saving precious desk space and giving you a very inexpensive all-in-one of sorts.

Like virtually every other nettop in town, the MSI Wind Box will boast an Intel Atom N270 processor and either 1GB or 2GB of RAM under the hood. Other specs include a choice between a 160GB or 250GB hard drive, a multi-format memory card reader, three USB 2.0 ports, 802.11b/g wireless, audio ports with 7.1 surround sound support, VGA output and Windows XP. The entire system weighs just 500g and is expected to cost around €200 ($258) when it ships in early 2009.

Link: Tech Spot

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I bought a standalone MSI Wind Box a couple months back and haven't looked back. Apart from the hassles of trying to get it to install my linux distro from my usb to the hd (which was my money-saving arrogance anyway, for not buying a cd/dvd drive) it works like a beauty. I keep it plugged in to my switch and I absolutely cannot hear it what-so-ever. The only times you can hear it is when it originally boots up for a few seconds until it readjusts, or when you get right next to it and even then it's quiet.

MSI really has it down pat with their Wind Box line.

To those complaining about the use of the term "VESA", perhaps you should look up exactly what VESA is. It is the name of a standards organization (Video Electronics Standards Association), similar to how MPEG, JPEG, and ISO are the names of standards organizations. There are many different VESA standards, including the old VLB (VESA Local Bus) used for older video cards and the VESA standards for mounting flat panel displays (which is what they are referring to in this article).

Very cool. I'd like to see more of this so we could build our own iMac style computers with more powerful components than what's in the netbooks.

So I suppose this thing comes with the netbook and the stand? So you take out the stand on your monitor and mount the screen on the netbook + stand contraption?

TRC said,
I hate it when they reuse acronyms. I hear VESA and I start having flashbacks to my 486 PC.

VLB anyone? ISA, no?

RAID 0 said,
VLB anyone? ISA, no?

I hear ya. I read the article and thought "What the hell as this got to do with video cards?"

Stupid buggers... Stop reusing established acronyms, even if they're a bit outdated now! THEY'RE STILL IN USE!

That looks really nice, but it wouldn't fit on the back of my dell monitor as the stand covers up the VESA mounting holes.

Foub said,
I don't think that will work.....

Why not? I have an EEE Box B202, and I've installed Server 2003 on it. Most of the hardware got identified automatically, and drivers (sound? can't remember) are available for the rest.

As an aside, I had never even heard of that particular VESA standard until I bought my EEE--and sure enough, it turns out I have a monitor with the mounting holes lining up perfectly.

Shiranui said,
Perhaps he is referring to the fact that the atom may not run Vista at a decent speed.

Throw more RAM at it; the Atom will run it fine.

Not "gaming machine" fast, but it'll still do fine for a lot of tasks.