MSN unveils new-look home page

Microsoft's has undergone a clean up, focusing on a cleaner look and access to essential information.

MSN has also unveiled a new logo to complement the fresh looking web portal. The new site also allows Windows Live, Twitter, and Facebook users to easily update those services from the home page. MSN will also be offering inline high-quality streaming video, employing Silverlight technology, from more than 300 sources including Hulu, National Geographic and FOX Entertainment Group.

Microsoft is using the latest web technologies to power to ensure the site loads seamlessly. An array of tabs are available for users to flick between content such as Sport, Finance and Games. The new layout is a radical shift from how used to look when it first launched in 1995:

According to a Microsoft spokesperson the MSN home page receives 600 million customers worldwide every month, nearly 100 million in the U.S. alone. The new home page has 50 percent fewer links, and is focused on providing access to the information and services people care about most.

A preview of the new MSN look is available now and the new homepage will begin rolling out tomorrow and become widely available to over 100 million U.S. customers early next year.

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I like it, why is it only the US homepage that will be getting the new look? I think all msn sites should have one consistent design... at the moment every msn homepage is different.

According to a BBC News article the UK will see the new look MSN in 2010 along with other countries. According to the PressPass article ( “Today is an important transformation for MSN, and it’s only the beginning.” Hopefully that means the sub-sites will soon follow.
For one, I hope their photo galleries start to use AJAX so you don't have to constantly keep reloading the whole page just to see the next photo.

I don't like it. There's still just too much stuff bumped onto a single page and it doesn't look well-structured at all

hmmm, not sure. Then again, I'm not sure why they even keep the MSN brand going with the launch of Windows Live and Bing?

its really good, microsoft is taking the simplicity aspect everywhere, from Windows 7 to MSN, they seem to be getting back on track !

Master1 said,
its really good, microsoft is taking the simplicity aspect everywhere, from Windows 7 to MSN, they seem to be getting back on track !

Yup. They just need to settle on the branding. Windows Live, Bing, MSN... but at least it looks nice

Not bad. Now all the need to do is fix all the tripe that gets posted to MSN under the guise of "articles." Usually it is a "general interest" topic like, "how to speak his language," or "what cell phone you need to be lusting over," or other similarly bland and inoffensive topic.

I love the new logo. yay for MS design team. Now let's work on the branding. Windows Azure MSN live! XP Business Professional Explorer Zune Powered Edition!

The logo is nice, but the layout looks like a teenage girl's LiveJournal. The bright pastel colors, the butterflies... it's a little too feminine.

I like the page layout, but the logo... ugh.

1. What's wrong with the old butterfly? It was actually a really nice logo, in my opinion. This one looks too tall and seems to be showing its side to the user.
2. Why the Bing-style stretched typeface?

I have to admit, this new look is a lot better than the current one. It's more cleaner and easier to navigate.

I think it looks great. I especially like how they made it modern but it doesn't have the web 2.0 look which I hate.

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