MSN's exclusive Windows 8 page goes live

A few weeks back Microsoft said that with the launch of Windows 8, a new and exclusive MSN page would go live as well. It looks like the page is now up and running and you can find the site here. You need to have IE10 to be able to view the page and seeing that you can only get IE10, for the time being, with Windows 8, you must have Windows 8 installed to see the page.

The page is designed to present your content in a fluid and dynamic way that Microsoft says is comprehensive and fast. While each will have their own opinion of the site, if you are running Windows 8, you can access the page now.

As Microsoft builds awareness for Windows 8 and IE10, expect to see more of these "exclusives" pop-up as Microsoft builds momentum for its latest platforms. 

View: MSN Windows 8 Exclusive Page

Thanks for the tip Matthew_Thepc!

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Being a Win8 user for a few months now, this new MSN site is very refreshing. the consistency with the Win8 tile theme blends fine... All that needs to be done now is have certain cites, articles pinnable to the start screen (if it isn't there already)

Comparing this with as seen in another browser, shows the IE10 version with its jumbo fonts getting fewer stories on the top portion of the page, and doing so in a monotonous fashion. I just don't care for Metro squares pushed out everywhere just because--even on Windows Server for heaven's sake. This will ultimately backfire, though it'll take a while.

So we are moving back to this crap? I am not talking about the design, the page looks nice. Google has started making "Chrome Only" pages and now MS as well. HTML5 was supposed to make it easier to make cross-browser rich web applications.

That's can they make it work with firefox?

Just noticed how it switches to a mobile page layout if the window is shrunk. Nice.

Edited by Ned, Oct 24 2012, 3:23am :

eknirb said,
So I am sitting here with Firefox 16 on Win7.......and I can't use this site?
IT's for IE10 and Windows 8 only, so , yeah you can't. Sorry bro.

eknirb said,
So I am sitting here with Firefox 16 on Win7.......and I can't use this site?

You could be using Firefox or Google Chrome on Windows 8 and still wouldn't be able to use it. For the moment, it's IE10 on Win8 only.

For this I'd prefer it if the content scrolled horizontally instead of vertically like Windows 8 apps do, now that I'm used to that.

siah1214 said,
Snapped view is pretty sweet.

Yeah snapped view is cool. Otherwise its a bit too cluttered feeling and hard to browse so far.