MSX Hackers attack EA's Battlefield 2

An apparent hack attack has taken place on the EA servers. Players were reporting the "top 6 players" by score were not the regular top players. The hack is also visible in the website by viewing the leaderboard. The hackers are sporting a clan tag of MSX, which is known as MS Security or a variant there of. The move by the MSX members looks like the clan is trying to prove the punk buster utility and the anti-hacking software of the Battlefield2 game is still unable to catch and prevent hackers. This comes as a negative blow to players of the Battlefield2 community, because we continuously strive to play a fair game.

Link: Global Score ranking

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Isn't it time that EA created and invested in a company/department that would develop/make a good form of cheat protection ? They make mega money from the games they sell and imo it is their duty to protect peoples investment in these games.

Then again it is EA what am I thinking

Hacking isn't about winning...

It's about having fun and raging kids like you.

Whether I'm using hax or I'm playing against hax I still have a good time. I love the part when everyone cries and gets raged.

erm since when score hack = PB hack ? ...
EA scoring system was unsafe since day zero (lol i remember when everyone was able to login to "admin" section :)

for these saying PB suck and it proves PB fails ... this proves nothing ... stats =! game

i dont think they hacked the game in the sence that they can kill you form across the map or not die. look at the stats, the #2 guy has only played 4 games, 2 of which his team lost. he simply hacked the record values. he has 200 hours in every vehicle and 40 hours as a squad leader and 0 as a squad member.

u know what really amazed me, one of my bf servers is running desert conflict and we had someone in with an aim bot. heheheh i laughed at it, like what is the point in an unranked mod then i banned him

Well I am sure if you have had a chance to play against them, you were most likely not too happy. I mean I heard there was a hack of theirs that they could knife you from the other base. I mean, imagine spawning....and then all the sudden knifed. That would not be very fun, especially after being repeatedly knifed.

I've heard of MSX hackers before I think, but don't really recall too much so they must not have been too annoying, or maybe they didn't play the same games. /shrug

I agree

I don't play Battlefield 2, but I've had my experiences in games like Halo or Quake back in the day.

I hated campers who'd run some cheat so they'd never run out of ammo and they'd just sit in a corner and hold a button in and aim away.

Well I know MY rank has no cheats on it... I dont really care about anyone elses rank, even less if it is from a bunch of cheating noobs.

Vegetunks said,
Well... as long as they still suck when I have to fight them.. I dont really care what rank they are

and after you kill them once they turn on their hacks and own you all day long