Multi-touch LG KF900 Prada is launched

The latest phone from LG, the KF900, may be able to steal marketshare from the iPhone. It has been revealed that the phone sports a capacitive display allowing it to achieve multi-touch input. This comes after news of the Blackberry Storm having similar functionality. The specifications, however, show it having a smaller 3.0 inch screen with a 240x400 resolution showing the phone is possibly catering for those who prefer a smaller sized fashion accessory. In typical LG fashion, this smartphone also includes an elegant design but with the drawback of low battery life. Where it improves upon the iPhone is mainly with the five megapixel camera and the spacious slide-out full qwerty keyboard.

With the launch of this stylish phone, LG and Prada have also provided a watch accessory. The watch not only tells the time but will also provide information on current phone calls and allow the user to read full text messages. In addition, the leather banded bluetooth watch pictured below is water resistant so that you may never need to take it off. While it comes with vibration and noise alert so you never miss your calls, it doesn't include a microphone so you may not always be able to pick up your call.

Photo: GSMArena

The phone will be available in European stores by late November for around 600 Euros. The wrist watch, sold seperately, comes to 299 Euros.

You can view the teaser site here.

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The watch is nothing new, Sony E allready have a similar product. Gotta agree with Dazzy tho, X1 looks well better.

I hate seeing phones like this where the front face has so much wasted space. Move the Prada logo and extend the screen top and bottom and make it a 3.5" - 4"LCD device. With the amount of space around the screen it almost makes the display look small.

There are a few other problems. If they make the screen any taller without making it wider, they are giving a non-standard aspect ratio and thus, resolution.

If they make it any wider, it is not framed properly or is too big for the hand.

OK, so they can't make it any bigger. If they make the physical device shorter to hug the screen, that could work. Though, they felt it looks better having good spacing between the hard buttons and screen. They must have also felt the brand name was good advertising for Prada. Equal spacing with the ear speaker making it look elegant.

Yeah there definetly are technical issues, battery and the fact that under that display you need circuitry to drive it which takes space, but ultimatly I really hate the look of devices like this where the display looks to be floating in the middle somewhere rather than really dominating the overall phones size.

No Microphone? DAMNIT. My dreams of yelling "I READ YOU, ZORDON!" into a phone watch are shattered I mean, I could do it with a regular watch but it just won't have the same effect.

Anyway :P I really like the idea of the bluetooth watch add-on (even though it IS a bit expensive), as it means you can grab your contacts list and get notified of texts and calls without having to get your phone out, which is a big bonus. The only thing I worry about with this phone is using the Prada brand, I mean, it could really detract some male customers away, as Prada is generally associated with girls.