Murdoch fumes as Facebook overtakes MySpace

Facebook has overtaken rival social network MySpace for the first time - provoking an angry outburst from the man who paid $580m for MySpace only three years ago.

Facebook had 123m unique visitors in May, an increase of 162% on May 2007, according to the latest Comscore figures.

By contrast, MySpace drew 114.6m uniques, with visitors growing by only 5% since May 2007.

It's the first time Facebook has managed a significant lead over its chief rival, after the pair were almost level-pegging in Comscore's April figures.

The news hasn't gone down well with News Corp boss, Rupert Murdoch, whose company bought MySpace back in 2005. He claims Facebook has "done a great job of being flavour of the month the last six months of last year," but that Facebook isn't a real social network, claiming the site is "just a directory".

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Wow, you people will believe anything read :)

For lack of evidence to the contrary, I am going to pretend that the author is "privy" to insider conversations with Rupert Murdoch so I won't challenge that portion of the article, but I will totally call him out on the BS numbers he put in here.

These numbers are TOTALLY made up and neither MySpace or Facebook have hit even half that many unique users (even internationally). Here are the latest REAL numbers in an article from and guess what... they actually have sources and references to back them up!

Facebook showed awesome growth recently as did LinkedIn and MySpace appears to be slowing down, but MySpace still more than doubles Facebook's monthly unique visits. And both of them are still struggling and being completely dominated in international markets by other competitors that do not compete in the US market.

Here are some real numbers for you...

Rupert Murdoch paid $580 million for MySpace a few years ago, this past fiscal year MySpace and its subsidiaries grossed $840 million in addition to a 3-year $900 million advertising contract with Google.

Facebook on the other hand... is "estimated" to be worth $16 billion (mostly because of the $9 billion offer they had from Microsoft's buy-out attempt). However, this past fiscal year Facebook's total revenue was only $150 million.

That's right kids... Facebook is half the unique monthly visits of MySpace, and Facebook is "valued" at roughly 100x what they have shown they are capable of earning in a given fiscal year.

Don't kid yourselves, Rupert Murdoch is laughing all the way to the bank about the steal-of-a-deal he got with MySpace and the other web companies he's rolled up into Fox Interactive Media...

Thanks for all the biased, silicon-valley hype in this article though. It's articles like this that make Facebook's over-bloated "market value" what it is today. Keep the dream alive! :)

...But seriously, next time how about we leave the "made up" numbers out and attempt a little responsible journalism instead of this retarded propaganda?

too bad Facebook removed the networks feature, that was the best thing I liked about Faceook. It seems like Facebook is copying Myspace, not Myspace copying Facebook.

No matter how bad Myspace is, I'll still use it to find new bands and keep in touch with them. Unless Facebook implements this in a better way.

Well, I don't know much about Facebook but as a web developer, I felt like it was very restricting.

In MySpace's defense, they gave their users flexibilty, so all of the glitsy flashy crappy content is exactly what their users wanted, as it should be on a social networking site. After all, it's their page and it's their means of expressing themselves as individuals. So, MySpace looks like junk because the content is driven by the users, who are clearly not web developers, but that doesn't make them 14.

That being said and biased opinions aside, it comes down to a numbers game. Their revenue is generated by advertising, so every time a user clicks on an ad, MySpace makes money. The more unique visitors, the more potential income. Give the users what they want and they'll come back. That's what they did and they were very successful at it.

Bash them all you want. I wish I had thought of it.

who says Facebook needs to be a social networking site to succeed, if its working well as just a "directory" then who should fault it.

problem is with myspace, is its very flakey...falling over all the time... full of crap content too.

Yeah Myspace is pure junk for sure, but theres some proper bangers on there. The music section is pretty much unparalleled tbh. Much love to them for supporting new and upcoming artists... plus, the UK myspace bus at festivals is amazing!!! (i was literally dancing with boyz noize...)

It's too late now. MySpace is today's AOL, and we all know that can never be undone. Its only chance is to find new success in a spin-off of the service. MySpace as a social networking site was doomed when emo learned html.

since facebook used to be private to university peoples, and with the features it has and how it presents itself facebook has a more mature audience

which means the audience is smart enough to have AV's installed and the link checking in AV's increase the traffic count artificially ftw

It's so funny how MySpace has recently been copying a lot of Facebook's features. After the news feed, that in itself looks a whole lot like Facebook's, MySpace introduced the oh-so-original MySpace Applications -- using exactly the same little 16x16 icons that the Facebook applications have.

MySpace is for teenagers learning to use the internet.

Facebook is for mature people who want simple tidy ways to communicate.

Anyone saying the applications are ruining facebook are correct... however this will soon be rectified as they are all being moved onto a seperate sub page on peoples profiles... meaning those who like photos/wall/messaging etc. can ignore all the useless crap.

My experience of visiting any myspace profile recalls the words clutter & unorganised. Facebook on the other hand is much more professional looking and will be clutter free with the upcoming update.

Good for Facebook, I like what they're doing with the upcoming layout changes.

I cannot stand Myspace at all now. I find it so annoying that everything you do pretty much requires a stupid captcha test.

Facebook is "just a directory" the same way MySpace is "just" a digital wasteland of crap where child predators and lifeless teenagers thrive.

Ouch! Truth hurts, huh Murdoch?

I use to use myspace alot until they started carrying ads for well known spyware companies and carried ads which exploited windows vulnerabilities. After that I though f this and started using facebook and closed down my myspace. Myspace is a pile of crap tbh it became too greedy too quick and took ads which infected many windows users. Not only that the info about tom has been proven to be false and its all too easy for me to write malicious html and bring a system down in seconds on myspace. Avoid it at all costs.

Facebook's 'applications' are annoying and definately screw up a profile if they have anything above 10, so maybe they should put a cap on how many you can have installed at once? if facebook were a computer it would've gotten the 'format it' advice long ago....

Aside from this I personally think facebook is far better than myspace just purely off of the basis of the news page; its better implemented than myspaces' home, and although there are ads on this page they are barely noticeable and never cause me any distress.

That's what you get when you compare a well laid out site with good features compared to pages that look like they are mostly 14 year old people playing 6 songs in the background with flashing text and gifs all over and so much other crap it crashes your browser when you try to open a page.

Rupert Murdoch must have been tricked into buying the website ;)

... or he's extremly short sighted, or his 14year old kid must have forced him to buy it...

Well, watch facebook follow the same path. With the crap facebook has become, I guess whoever invested in facebook wont be happy either in a few months

Which is why Facebook are redesigning their platform to allow the simple and the crap to be separated so those who want to crash their browsers can.

(Unplugged said @ #1.1)
Which is why Facebook are redesigning their platform to allow the simple and the crap to be separated so those who want to crash their browsers can.

+1... The new redesign is looking really great.. Facebook really deserves to be ahead of the game.

What ticks me off thought is the large amount of negative comments on their Previews page, from immature jerkwads who want it to be crowded, ugly and bright and colourful like MySpace... so annoying. Hope Facebook doesn't listen to them.