Music group Within Reason to be featured in Microsoft Surface Pro TV ad

In December, Microsoft announced a contest where up-and-coming music groups could enter to win a gig playing as part of the Grammy Awards week as well as a chance to be featured in a commercial for Microsoft's Surface tablet. Microsoft will debut its new Surface Pro TV ad during the Grammy Awards on Sunday night, and it's now been confirmed that it will feature the winner of the Grammy Awards contest, the Alabama-based music group Within Reason.

The band has posted up a number of messages on its Twitter account that state that they have already filmed the commercial but no details were revealed.

The band's members did post a video of their own thanking Microsoft for their opportunity to participate in the commercial and the Grammy Awards activities.

The band was formed in late 2005 and play music that has a mix of rock, pop and blues. Within Reason have released a number of songs as well as two EPs and a full-length album, which you can purchase at their official website.

Source: Within Reason on Twitter

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I generally like Microsoft, but I am beginning to get tired of the Surface. Can a company over-promote a product? I mean, it's like every other CBS crime-drama has Surface product placements. And all these commercials. Jeez Microsoft, enough with the self-generated hype. The Surface will succeed or fail on its own merits.

Yes, Apple has TV ads for the iPad. I don't know, it just seems as though Microsoft is like the lonely kid at school trying everything to get people to like them. After a while, it gets a little pathetic. This is a topic for another day, but I feel Microsoft has had their day in the sun. They were cool about 15 years ago. Now they are just late. Late on tablets. Late on phones. Late on about everything.

As to the YT video above: How lame can you get?

Edited by COKid, Feb 8 2013, 5:27pm :

I haven't quite gotten tired of the product placements, particularly because I only watch a handful of shows on Hulu (and the CW for Arrow), but I think their issue is that their marketing department is terrible.

If I could wager a guess, then it is that I doubt that it's the product placements that really are annoying you; I bet that it's the cheesiness and in-your-face nature of them. Every single time that I have seen a Surface in a show, the actor has had to attach the keyboard to show how "cool" that is, except why weren't they attached to begin with? Similarly, they then simply do a Bing search, which no one recognizes as cool. Not to mention it could be done with a smartphone.

Over the years, I've simply determined that Microsoft does not know how to advertise. Apple does catchy ads that show the product as well as something neat, which is kind of similar to the original Surface RT ad that I really liked. But that begs the question, why haven't they had anything else, and why the heck wasn't there one for the Surface Pro during the Super Bowl? Finally, Apple does product placement in TV shows too, but it's not in your face. Usually they don't even point out that it's an Apple product because people recognize the Apple logo.

Come on Microsoft: fire your marketing team, but keep whoever came up with the Surface RT commercial. Then, pretty much lock-step match what Apple does for their marketing. It's effective and simple.

How are the Surface commercials lame? They got tons of praise and awareness. They did both awesome fun commercials while also doing a variety of simplistic device-only commercials. Why should they have to copy Apple's style? A company should be market their product distinctively and creatively, and that's what they're doing and always do. They don't do what others are doing like other companies do, instead they like to step outside the box. The main thing is sticking with it and not caving into the trolls... that's how a brand is built upon that way. I think they're doing an excellent job as they usually do, it's just they need more awareness (paying more for ads actually appearing in more high-traffic areas and online presence) and changing customer's perception (i.e. with people thinking all tablets are called iPads).

- A Branding Expert

I love the Surface commercials, but they are completely different from Microsoft's branding attempts in the past. It's their attempt at product placement that I find particularly bad.

Microsoft clearly doesn't like to do what others do, but that's their problem. People still do not understand what the Surface RT does, and I have personally seen MS Store staff misrepresenting the Surface Pro to its own detriment (it can browse the web faster, and see more of it...) because their own internal marketing cannot figure it out.

Microsoft has a history of poorly advertising their non-mainstream products (not Windows or Office) and I personally believe that they are repeating it with their product placement ads. They are too in-your-face and not functional enough. Using the Surface RT to advertise Bing may kill two advertising birds with one stone, but it does not show a reason to buy a Surface RT.

At some point it simply comes down to taste, but sticking with something that does not work is not a story of success. That's being stubborn.

Just to be clear, I do own a Surface RT, and I am buying a Surface Pro tomorrow morning. I am not a branding expert, but I do know that Microsoft is not the "cool" brand (just take a look at the reviews hypocritically shooting down the Pro's battery life and hard drive space given its competition's real numbers) right now. Personally, I think Microsoft is making the best products right now--including the OS for my Lumia 920--but they are doing a poor job of showing that to other people.

drats... well there goes my hopes of PSY singing a remix of his only hit song but having it go "M.S. Surface Style"

neufuse said,
drats... well there goes my hopes of PSY singing a remix of his only hit song but having it go "M.S. Surface Style"

No, the gangnam style jokes are overused and getting unfunny now.

Sartoris said,

No, the gangnam style jokes are overused and getting unfunny now.

that was the point! it was a sarcastic comment

It's not even funny... even he doesn't find it funny anymore... he said he's not performing that song ever again lol.

They're actually a pretty good band. Check out some of their music. Can't wait to see the ad. Though, I do have to admit the video above is very cheesy lol.

Darrah Ford said,
Good match. They're about as relevant as the surface.

Someone pursuing their dream and getting an opportunity of a lifetime. Let's make fun of them since it's sponsored by a company you hate.
Keep it classy, bro.