MWC 2013: A look around the Samsung stand

Samsung’s presence at Mobile World Congress this year was considerable, with extensive promotions across the event for its Galaxy devices, and an enormous main stand showcasing some of its most important products of the moment.

Samsung chose to focus on a select few devices rather than bringing the full enormity of its entire range to the event, and one of the first machines that many visitors to its stand will have seen is the new ATIV Smart PC, a Windows 8 tablet with keyboard dock.

For anyone who’s seen or owned the Series 7 Slate PC – also known as “the BUILD tablet,” as it’s the device that Microsoft distributed to many developers during the pre-release stages of Windows 8 – the ATIV Smart PC will be very familiar. The form factor of the tablet itself is nearly identical to its predecessor, but considerably improved upon with the addition of an S-Pen stylus (with an integrated storage silo), and the keyboard accessory.

That wasn’t the only Windows 8 device being showcased on the Samsung stand. The Series 7 Ultra – a sleek and light Ultrabook – was also on display, although during my visits, it didn’t seem to be attracting a great deal of attention.

The real crowd-pleaser on Samsung’s stand was the subject of its MWC announcement – the Galaxy Note 8.0, which we went hands-on with earlier.

The large crowd of people seen in the image above is clustered around display areas showing off the new Galaxy phablet, while further back, people can be seen congregating near the large display screen, where demos and walkthroughs related to the new device were being held regularly throughout the day.

Samsung also showcased other members of its Android-based family, including the rugged, durable Galaxy Xcover 2…

…and the Galaxy Young, a simple affordable handset intended for those getting their first smartphone.

The company didn’t focus exclusively on devices; it also highlighted initiatives such as its digital teaching platform…

…software tools, such as its Video Discovery platform…

…and emerging technologies, such as its programmable NFC ‘TecTiles’; you can find out more about NFC and its benefits, including more info on TecTiles in our NFC overview.

Visitors to the stand were encouraged to listen to short, one-minute talks from staff, on a variety of subjects – from devices to apps and services – in order to get stickers that could be redeemed to earn T-shirts or branded tumblers.

Frankly, I couldn’t be bothered as you can see from the image above, so I left and returned to the Nokia stand for more cookies. 

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Problem #1 - The Galaxy Note 8 is not a phablet. As the Galaxy Tab 7 and 7.7 aren't phablets. They are tablet with cellular capability which US carriers had removed/blocked. In Europe these device can be used as a phone if you want too. In the USA we don't get that option so why call it a phablet? It's a tablet...PERIOD!

Phablets are defined as "smartphones that range from 5-7 inches". This device is 8" in size. Thus taking it out of the phablet category even if it has cellular capability in some countries.

Its like calling a donkey a mule. Sure they are related, but they are not the same animal. That is exactly what you are doing here.

I also agree with the other posts. Owning a product has nothing to do with how you may represent it to us. The fact that you claim you own Samsung devices makes this article feel even more cheap. Sure there is nothing at the booth that is new. Yes these are products Engadget has reviewed, but the attempt above is lame. It honestly to me feels like you're taking about Apple products. "Nothing new to see here, but I will explain the photos I took". Well pictures are worth a thousand words. So basically you could have just posted the pics, and we would have figured out our own captions. Which I am sure would have been leaps above yours. Here let me use your Note 8 pic:

Things are looking a bit busy at the Samsung both here at MWC, but before I get to the main attraction where you see all those people, let rewview some of the other things Sammy is showing we have made our way to Sammy's main attraction and its the Galaxy Note 8. Even though we have reviewed it, everyone here is seeing and touching it for the first time. Let's see if we can get some reaction from a few people here.

Just another quick look at the Note 8. As we have reviewed, its basically an 8" version of the GS3/GN2 rolled into one larger device. The S-Pen has been updated, the display specs are low but workable. Everyone here seems to be excited about the device as it is the only thing here with lines to view it. The Note 8 is not a phablet as some would say as it is to big to be considered a smartphone, though it does have cellular capabilities as did the Galaxy Tab 7 & 7.7" models in certain countries. Maybe the US one day will follow suite. We will kepp you up to date a" to appear on the 14th...As we look forward to Samsung's biggest and latest "Next Big Thing" the Galaxy S IV.4

SEE...what I did their...I i'm not even at the location. I too also have a GS3 and a GN2. See how I sounded vs you? If I was you. I'd retype this whole article. In fact...Engadget hire me, I'd write better articles for free and you can pay me for every like I get from readers. Which is how it should be...that way we get to say who gets paid. This guy well, shouldn't be fired...but should be writing kiddie books instead or some other books with one liners.

Edited by Hi_XPecTa_Chens, Mar 1 2013, 7:05pm :

I'm interested in what Samsung's TecTiles can do, if it's anything more novel than current NFC applications existing right now.

On the phone front... not so much. The Note 8.0 is pretty decent from what I saw of it - if you overlook the utter stupidity of including an ear-speaker for using it as a phone - but thankfully there's not long to wait until the Galaxy S IV is announced. I imagine that will be worth waiting for.

AshUK said,
I give up on Samsung with all their copying
leaders don't copy...they get copied. Apple was never a leader. They have the only devices that run iOS, so who are they competing against? NO one really. Samsung however has 40% of a market where they have other OEM's using the same platform. What is Sammy offering that they aren't? Better phones, better distribution and Apple as their publicist.

So... because I didn't want to hang around listening to marketing fluff about Samsung's products and apps in order to get a free Samsung T-shirt, it calls into question my objectivity?

LOL. Okay. We'll gloss over the positive stuff I've written about the Galaxy Note 8.0 and TecTiles today, and the fact that I personally own a Samsung phone and tablet, and go with me being biased against Samsung. That's easier.

It looks like you didnt spend anytime there. You took a bunch of pictures, and for god know what reason, you seemed compelled to post them here.

You have more substance in your pictures than you do in your writing, which tells us that you really didnt care. Before one scrolls half way through your article, you spend 1-2 lines explaining the products/pictures. It really looks like you didnt care, so what do you expect us to take away from the article other than that fact.

gcaw said,

LOL. Okay. We'll gloss over the positive stuff I've written about the Galaxy Note 8.0 and TecTiles today, and the fact that I personally own a Samsung phone and tablet, and go with me being biased against Samsung. That's easier.

Nah, you're not biased against Sammy. You're biased in favour of cookies!