My first smartphone: Orange SPV E200 with Windows Mobile

I got my very first mobile phone all the way back in 1994, at the tender age of 11. It was a Mercury one2one M400, and it looked like a brick, weighed about the same as a brick, and offered features broadly comparable to a brick.

Nothing smart about this phone. (via Flickr)

Throughout my adolescence, I grew up with a series of Nokia handsets, which got smaller and smaller with each generation, the last of which was the striking Nokia 7210, which to this day remains one of my favourite handsets of all time. But it was in 2003 that I seized the opportunity to buy my very first smartphone.

The Orange SPV E200, also known as the HTC Voyager. (via Mobilorama)

It was an Orange SPV E200 by name, although in reality it was a rebadged HTC Voyager, from back in the day when HTC was just a white-label manufacturer for other brands.

Running Windows Mobile 2003 for Smartphone, it had a kick-ass 132MHz Texas Instruments OMAP 710 processor, with 32MB of RAM, 64MB of Flash ROM, and an SD card slot to expand the onboard storage, as well as Bluetooth, infrared port and a (fairly awful) camera. But the real killer feature, the one that I loved to show off the most, was its big, beautiful TFT screen offering 64K colour display and a striking 176x220px resolution.

It was a beast. It was 23mm thick – roughly the same as three iPhone 5s stacked on top of each other! – but I loved it for the freedom that it offered me. Suddenly, I found myself able to surf the web with Pocket Internet Explorer, talk to friends on MSN Messenger, even watch videos on Windows Media Player – all on a device that (just about) fit in my pocket!

The Orange SPV E200 (right), alongside the SPV, the first Windows-based smartphone. (via

The fun didn’t end there, as I found myself exploring an entire world of programs, games and themes that I could install on my handset. After years of playing Snake and surfing the web via WAP, the mobile world had opened up for me in a whole new way, and I never looked back. In the years that followed, I fed my new addiction with a succession of HTC Windows Mobile handsets, from the Blue Angel QWERTY slider to the mighty HTC Universal, a convertible PDA handset that weighed an astonishing 285g, before HTC started to launch its own-brand handsets with the Touch range. 

But the E200 is where my smartphone journey began. Given how we now all take for granted the idea of app stores and the ubiquity of smart devices, it’s amusing to think that little more than a decade ago, such things were still a novelty.

So what was your first smartphone? Did you jump in with Windows Mobile, or perhaps with Symbian? Or did you arrive much later to the game with an iPhone? It would be great to hear your memories of your first smartphones, so be sure to share them with us below

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I had the O2 Xphone (also the HTC Voyager) as my first smartphone.

It was an awesome candybar phone that had a gorgeous 16k color screen in a time where 4096 color was fancy. Polyphonic ringtones? Yeah, so what, the Voyager can do WMA and MP3 tones. I wore out two joysticks with the addictive as hell ports of Wolf3d and Doom. I felt like this was a golden age of smartphones as there was a lot of homebrew and excitement on an open platform. I went through many Windows Mobile/Windows Phones and Pocket PC phones and are now using Windows Phone 8. Good times!

My first phone was a Motorola Startac
My first smartphone, meaning I ditched my PDA for a single device, Motorola MPX 200.

My first mobile phone was the Maxon MN1 on Vodafone for £69.99 just before the SMS service launched on its GSM network and when prepay mobiles we're cheap to buy.

There was no Windows Mobile or Symbian in the late 90's, your phone just had a basic monochrome 2 or 3 line display and you were considered lucky if you had a phone that could SMS.

I had many handsets initially, I would buy a new phone almost every week or month, I've seen all of the tech changes including WAP (Wireless Application Protocol) I even had one of the first mobiles to support it the Motorola V2288 on the One2One network!!

Yeah I remember the Windows Phones way back in the day.
I always wanted one back then, but they were soooo expensive!
One I did come close to buying though, can't remember the model name was $1300.
Was a Telus phone. Had a nice size screen but back then there weren't any touchscreen,
at least I don't think it was touchscreen. Was a nice phone though.
I bet most people around here don't even realize Windows Phone has been around for a very long time, long before iPhone was even thought of, lol.

Motorola Talkabout T2288 (dude, i miss it :')
*big jump*
Noka 7210 (cool mobile, loved it and still works flawlessly)
Nokia N70 (solid mobile phone)
*another big jump*
iPhone 4S (love everything about it)

Motorola MPX200, which was gradually upgraded to latest existed WM version. It's still alive, just the battery is quite dead.

I had a second-hand Windows Mobile phone as my first smartphone in the pre-iPhone era. It was "eh" and a bit slow. Color screen, IE Mobile, stylus. Wasn't too impressed, but thought it looked cool. Post-iPhone 1st gen, my second smartphone was the Droid Incredible; had stuck with LG's enV series before going Team Android. Was IN LOVE with that phone! Bounced round between that, iOS and Windows Phone since; but wow -- I've owned a lot of freakin' phones. A little obsessed!

My first smart phone was an hp Ipaq 6910 which I obtained used from a coworker when he ditched it for a Blackberry. I loved the physical keyboard, still miss it at times. I used that right up until my first Android device, the HTC Droid Eris.

Had several cell phones, but my first "smartphone" was the original Palm Pre. I would have continued using it except for the fact that after HP destroyed Palm, and there were no more updates for the phone. (I was unable to access the WiFi network at work any longer since I was unable to update the security certificate, nor was I able to sideload it because of lack of support...) I had to move on to a new phone. Decided on the iPhone 5 since I was already invested in the Apple ecosystem with my iPod and Macbook...

My first phone was a Motorola Timeport.
My first smartphone was a 6310i That thing still holds its own feature wise And I still use it for banking/governmental e-stuff. I don't trust modern smartphones with that kinda 'access'.
It fell in a lake, swum around in a bucket of cleaning water for half a day. Driven over by a car, thrown out of a 2nd story window. And a ton more drops and hits... It only misses 1 button. Still works like a charm.

Then an HTC Wildfire for a few months until I found out it didn't like water. So back to the 6310i.
And since January a 920... Which also had its fair share of falls on concrete, steel etc. And only 1 little dent and 1 small tiny scratch I doubt the 920 will survive water as good as the 6310i though, not willing to give it a try

My first smartphone was the Nokia N95, which was awesome. I loved that you could slide it in different directions for different buttons. It was built like a brick too.

My first smartphone was a hand-me-down Nokia E71. Ugh! I progressed to the Motorola BACKFLIP, to the HTC Inspire, and now have an iPhone 5.

Started off with a Nokia 1610, not even a true GSM phone at that point.
Moved to Nokia 6160, a Nokia 8210, a Nokia 2651, a Nokia 1110.
First smartphone: a HTC HD2
Now a Lumia 710, soon to move to Lumia 720 or 820. :-)

I remember my first two cellphones like it was yesterday:

Ericsson Df688
flip door, two batteries (slim for a day's charge and fat for one and a half)

Motorola CD930
had so much fun with it's recording capability (almost 15 minutes)

those were the times...

QTek 2020, 240 x 320 pixels 3.5" screen (whopping 114ppi ) with GSM/GPRS and PocketPC 2003 (which thanks to the guys at XDA has been upgraded to 2003SE, Windows Mobile 5, 6 and 6.1)

Ahhh, those were the days..

BTW: thanks to the fantastic handwriting recognition I was able to easily transcribe my prof's teachings in real time without a single error.

Here's my mobile-phone history:

1998 a Qualcomm (a D-AMPS phone)
1998-1999 Motorola Timeport (it was one of the first tri-band GSM phones)
1999-2000 Nokia 8850 (my most loved Nokia model and phone of all time)
2000-2002 Nokia 8890
2002-2006 no phone, didn't need one, it's almost unimaginable today!
2006-2009 two Motorolla KRZR's (lost the first one in a nightclub, replaced it with the same model)
2009-2012 HTC Hero (my first smartphone)
2012-today HTC One X.

I'll probably get HTC One this year either for myself or to upgrade my wife's HTC Desire.

I was very late to the game, but my first was an HTC Desire. Despite it's relative paltry specs in this day and age, I actually still kind of regret selling it on to pay for my Lumia 800

My First smartphone was the first iPhone. it was crappy phone, but a great smart.
great music player, 16gb of storage, big screen. and nice internet (although it was crappy Edge)
It was very refreshing and different for it's time.
the problem that it remained almost the same.

TheLegendOfMart said,
I had the first SPV then E200, C500, C600, E650 then first touchscreen phone was the SPV M500 then the M600.

I'd actually forgotten about the M500/M600! I had the E200, C500, M2000 and M5000 before moving on to the Touch Dual, Touch Diamond, Touch Pro, Touch HD and HD2. There was an MDA Vario II in there somewhere as well.