MySpace aims to stop video reposting

In addition to other copyright protection features already implemented, MySpace has launched Take Down Stay Down, which prevents users from reposting videos that have been removed at the request of the copyright owner. The social networking Web site, owned by media conglomerate News Corporation, already offers an audio filtering application which screens audio files to prevent people from uploading bootlegged music; a video filtering application, which screens video files to prevent illegal video uploads; and a Content Take Down tool, which allows copyright owners to request unauthorized content be taken down. MySpace has previously declared it can take on YouTube with its recently launched video uploading service.

News source: MSNBC

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I swear myspace is stealing Youtubes: "Featured Videos" and putting them up as their own "cool new videos"


I had one of my videos taken off youtube for copyright infringement, it was the cast of Spamalot (UK) getting their guinness world record final figures and award itself, filmed in the theatre yet I 'kind of' asked permission, they did not confiscate my camcorder even though checking through bags at beginning and stewards saw me filming the award etc, and I'm 99% sure the cast didn't mind on such a special occasion either.

yet to challenge their decision i have to write to Youtube America providing full evidence that i had permission etc and even then it's a long lengthy process against the Actors Equity Association (who challenged my video) most likely end up getting sued it's just not worth it

me personally if it's something u can record on tv to your vcr then i dont see why u can get in trouble for it... bottom line = media companys are just greedy and want every single dime that they can extract from you.

cause stuff like music videos you can just record yourself from tv and then put it on your pc then you got it free of charge... i dont see why they are having a fit over people posting music videos etc on places like myspace/youtube

take on youtube?
lol... with this feature?
no way, thats one advantage of youtube, you can find everything there...
id hate to have to change like multiple places for videos...
thats just like if i had to use yahoo, google, and the live search to get to get best search results...
SOMEtimes monopoles are good......

Glassed Silver:mac