MySpace Files Law Suit Against 'Spam King', which is owned by News Corp., has filed a lawsuit Friday in Los Angeles against the self-proclaimed "Spam King" for allegedly blasting the portal with spam between July and December 2006. The suit alleges Richter obtained a list of compromised accounts or used phishing to harvest log-ins and passwords. MySpace is a frequent target for spammers because of the easiness of mass sending "bulletins" from a single account.

MySpace seeks a permanent injunction to bar Scott Richter, who runs (e-mail marketing company in Westminster, Colorado), and his affiliates from using the popular social networking site. MySpace also accused Richter of not complying with the federal CAN-SPAM act (which he agreed to obey after previous suits) and California's antispam law. Richter has had legal problems before: he has fought over spam with the state of New York (settled for $50,000) as well as Microsoft (settled for $7 million).

News source: InfoWorld

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None of this crap is going to do anything real, the only actual way to stop spam is lose SMTP and POP3 and create a real standard for e-mail which isn't based on a 30 year old REQUEST FOR COMMENT that was written on a napkin!

yes NO one likes spam... i say the hell with him and send em to jail. cause it's like MusicMan07 said above .... if this guy keeps settling with people he will just keep doing it since obviously the guy is still making huge profits.

screw him!

I agree, if the guy is paying up $7m in settlements then he's obviously making a load of cash. (And not learning his lesson)