MySpace Joins Google's Social Network Partner Platform

For more than a year, Google and MySpace have been working together to give the world's largest social network access to the Internet search leader's platform that allows outside developers to write programs for social Web sites. The addition of MySpace gives the Google platform greater strength against the fast-growing Facebook, which opened up its site to developers in May and has since seen its user base grow to more than 48 million people. News Corporation-owned MySpace has some 110 million users worldwide. LinkedIn and Friendster have already joined Google's OpenSocial platform, which was launched earlier this week and gives outside developers the tools to write programs for any of its social network partners.

News source: eWeek

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I dunno, I prefer myspace, and I know alot of the profiles suck ass, and the default music blows, but I just like the user interface of myspace, I don't know what it is about facebook that bugs me.

I like facebook more, I never liked Myspace.
Facebook is starting to get childish like with all these stupid pet things and stuff tho recently, but Myspace is all over the place. I liked facebook when it first came out, it was clean and professional. Myspace does have good points tho cos u can customize it, but some people go so far out it's annoying and you just want to close the page.

Microsoft-Facebook vs. Google-MySpace

Who will win?

I call MySpace, just cause I have one.

EDIT: It would be cooler if it was the other way around and Google had Facebook and Microsoft had MySpace cause it would match their names. Like Google and Facebook have 2 o's, and Microsoft and MySpace have a mi in them.

They're going to try and trump FaceBook! Let the battle begin!
I know I won't be signing up for anything they setup though