MySpace offers 'sneak peak' at new user homepage

MySpace is preparing to rollout a fresh, cleaner-looking, user homepage design and has shown it off today for the first time. 

The layout refresh, which Mashable says will be made available as a "sneak peek" to "some users" starting today, features a prominent "MySpace Stream" which shows a list of all the activities your friends on MySpace have been doing.  There is also the ability to sort by a number of categories including recently uploaded photos, status updates, and music.

Other features of the new page design include a large "what do you want to share?" text box at the top of the page that allows you to quickly share a status update, photos, videos or links with your friends.  There are also an array of new modules on the right-hand side of the page, including a new "recommendations" module which shows you a list of people MySpace think you'd like to become friends with.

MySpace has come under a lot of scrutiny recently because they are losing traffic to rivals Facebook and Twitter, and for also struggling to keep up with the innovation of other social networks. Today's redesign comes just a month after the revamp of the MySpace profile redesign was launched, also to a limited subset of users.

MySpace's new-look user homepage (Credit: Mashable)

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myspace is for teens (12-15), nowadays everyone uses the nice and clean facebook. Not as much nasty spam as myspace produced.

Since facebook became open to the public. It took over the social networking world. Myspace is a sad dying network. So they're doing everything they can to make it more "user friendly" and make it look like facebook.

That's just sad

I miss the day when my page had so much junk it crashed the browsers of anyone who tried to load it on anythin put a p4+

vincent said,
Does anyone even use myspace anymore? it's like the definition of an HTML nightmare on the internet.

I thought that was the original MySpace. You could opt for a new HTML design that was much easier and did not use HTML to change layouts all the time. I remember my sister got so many unexpected errors.

billyea said,
Layout looks suspiciously like facebook.

I agree. I was thinking 'This is just like Facebook' the entire time I was reading the article.