MySpace plans Facebook-style news feeds

News Corp's popular online social network, MySpace, plans to launch Facebook-style "news feeds" in the next 30 to 45 days, Fox Interactive Media President Peter Levinsohn said on Monday.

News feeds, which alert a user to what their friends and colleagues are doing, have been one of the most popular features of MySpace rival Facebook.

"The concept of a news feed is something we are very focused on, and we'll be well down the path in the next 30 to 45 days," Levinsohn told the Reuters Media Summit.

He said his company also plans to let users express different versions of themselves by creating more than one profile, for example one for family, one for friends and another for work.

The new feature will let you "express yourself in all those different segments," Levinsohn said.

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What an imaginative way to spruce up the biggest wasteland on the Internet....make it look slightly more like a real social networking site.

About time the myspace users found out about feeds.

poor noobs have been in the dark.. this whole time.

Um...actually it is news!! MySpace is a website, websites are a part of technology, Neowin is a technology news site... so, how is this not news??

A lot of us use MySpace and love to hear about new updates we can look forward to! I've always wanted MySpace to have News Feeds and was pleasently supprised when I saw this news. Without Neowin posting this news I would never have known!!

MySpace is ****ing stupid. ARGRHHH.
They are gradually taking EVERY feature from facebook, adding it sloppily on top of their current system, implementing it HORRIBLY.

Yes, and so i did myspace before it, and friendster before that. And so will the next site that people start going on after they get bored of facebook.

plan-9 said,
Yes, and so i did myspace before it, and friendster before that. And so will the next site that people start going on after they get bored of facebook.

but you don't see one thing, they all had a similar problem, that was privacy. Which facebook tackled pretty nicely. hi5 was there, orkut was there, but they all lacked when it came to privacy..and over all i find the facebook interface more "sophisticated" per to say.

lylesback2 said,
myspace is clinging onto stuff these days, just let yourself die, and merge with facebook already

I already have facebook but I like MySpace more.

Bonk said,

I already have facebook but I like MySpace more.

I got rid of MySpace a LONG time ago, joined back up cuz of a friend, then got rid of it again. Too many messed up things. For example, 24 hours after I signed up again, I had <insert random 7-digit number here> friends, but there weren't actually any there except for my original one who convinced me to sign up. I never used it anyway. Coincidentally, I just got rid of Facebook today because, again, I don't use it. However, given the security issue with the Alicia Keys' MySpace page, I'd rather choose Facebook, if I had to choose one. Of course, I have never tried others like Orkut or Xanga, so I can't really state anything about them. Of course, Facebook has its flaws too (some fun apps like a left-brained/right-brained quiz that I took today happened to take me to one of those "Enter your star sign to see your lover's name" sort of Flash apps/ads sites after the quiz). Such services create a great way to stay in touch with friends and family and acquaintances, but I have no use for them since I stay in contact with most of my friends via IM programs or IRC anyway.

The only argument for most people liiking myspace more is that they either

A) Have more firends on there
B) dislike the fact that facebook doesent allow them to bombard people with their crap taste in music and completly screw the profile up with some ghastly colour scheme which loads in about 8 600k images breaking the massivly tabular design.

Other than the now 1000s of applications that are in a way destroying facebook ( some are ok ) its far more superior. If they tweaked the privay options so you can below to or make yourself available to more than one geographical network it would be sound. Even turning off application invites would be a start