MySpace set to launch webmail service

The social networking website MySpace is set to launch a new email service this week, offering users their own email address. Just what you always wanted, eh?

According to paidContent, the launch will begin on Thursday and initially be low key, building up towards a full roll out sometime before the end of this year. MySpace has already tested the service with a few members and their feedback has been taken into account for the public launch, with the changes and tweaking process being ongoing.

The new email service will compliment the existing MySpace Mail personal messaging system and, because it is a brand new feature and things could easily go wrong once used on a larger scale, the availability to MySpace members will be gradual. The process of the roll out is still unclear, as is whether it will be available outside the US, but with a reported 130 million users worldwide - 70 million of those being in the US - it could become a major free email provider if the take up by existing members is large.

With visitors to MySpace declining recently, as Facebook becomes the social network of choice for many, this move could help give it back an edge over its rival. Most MySpace users are fairly young and might be more open to switching from services like Hotmail to the new service, which would also give them a larger attachment to the MySpace brand and website.

paidContent report that MySpace chief product officer Jason Hirschhorn is now behind the project, which has been in the works for a fair few months. paidContent were also told that the team working on the service is located in Seattle and includes lots of former Microsoft employees who worked on Hotmail. At the time of writing, director of product management at MySpace and one of the team - Rajit Marwah - currently has his MySpace status update set as "people send me some clean emails to my myspace for a screenshot", a nice confirmation of the news.

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I never seen a site so with its own personal messaging feature so badly affected by spam in my whole life... It worries me that they think it's now a good idea to actually make an e-mail service!

I think free email forwards can be nice idea, but not full email service.
Like to allow people to send emails to it redirect to your real email address(eg: or whatever), so it acts only as redirection not full email service, that can work also for Face Book.And it can also be more advanced so it allow to redirect emails only if the sender email is one of your contacts\friends emails, so it not be used for spamming, and maybe they should add more options too.

offering users their own email address. Just what you always wanted, eh?

Hahahaha, that's great.

Never. :)

However, a friend and I have talked about Facebook offering e-mail using the username's they opened up last month. Now that would be awesome, provided it would send directly to your Facebook inbox. Of course, Facebook would limit the e-mails to only friends so it'd always be spam free ...

Adamb10 said,
I view the social networking sites like this:

Myspace from Middle School till a freshman in High School.
Facebook then on.

Or none.

I don't think MySpace or FaceBook or any other social site can be successful or TRUSTED email provider, this is not their business !

I thought they'd given up the social networking fight, seeing as they barely retaliated to the massive move-over to Facebook. There's a lot of things MySpace need to change if they want to keep up, adding a new email service isn't going to improve anything, only make things worse. It'll complicate their younger users. Facebook made a new design, MySpace need to do the same or they're just going to fail.

I agree. It is also very amusing how there are so many features that MySpace has copied from Facebook (i.e. apps, the bar at the bottom of the page used for chat, which by the way looks nearly identical to the one on Facebook)

MySpace needs a rewrite, which will no doubt be hard considering how many users they have and what effect any downtime will have.

I don't think MySpace needs to change much. I'd be fine if they got rid of the applications, though.

Looks like they heard me.

"News Corp hopes to transform MySpace, which has been losing users to Facebook, into a stronger online videogaming platform as it works to reposition the six-year-old site as an entertainment destination."

So, are they going to let users login with as their email? O.o

What if they lose their passwords?

You need an email address to register, so everyone has already got an email address already... :/

because it is a brand new feature and things could easily go wrong once used on a larger scale

Or maybe because it's being developed by MySpace.
Most MySpace users are fairly young

Lol. :3