Mysterious HP tablet shows up again on

Last weekend, HP debuted a new television commercial that showed, among other things, the back of a mysterious tablet. HP has still not talked about what this product is, but an image of the same tablet has popped up again, this time on an marketing website.

The Make it Matter page contains the picture which shows the back of the tablet being used by a doctor. This would lend to speculation that this product is being marketed for business and enterprise users, rather than consumers.

As we first reported earlier this year, HP has been working on what it calls the Slate 8, an upcoming Windows 8-based tablet. We posted up a slide from an internal HP presentation that shows a render of the Slate 8. It's currently unknown if that slide is showing the same tablet that HP is currently promoting in its new ad and website campaign.

While HP has already admitted that it is working on Windows 8-based tablets, the company has yet to give any concrete information on their plans for any of their Windows 8-based products. With Windows 8 now at its RTM stage, we will likely see more and more information leaked about a large number of Windows 8 desktops, notebooks and tablets in the next three months.

Thanks to Peter for the tip!
Source: HP Make it Matter website | Images via HP

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Windows 8? nah. It is WebOS 3.0!!! YAY! (Total kidding here) I own the WebOS HP tablet and it makes a good couch-based web surfing tool.

Mortis said,
Personal opinion, but it looks super-boring, as it was designed for grandma.

I'd go for boring and stable for my work PC. This is a work PC in a tablet form factor. The possibility of this in a dock with full monitor and keyboard, and then travelling as a tablet, surely whets my appetite...

I'm excited to hear more about the Enterprise level docing! I'm hoping for dockingstation with the ability to connect external monitors, keyboard, mouse, USB-ports etc..

All this does is make me more excited to get my Surface

If not for Surface, I likely would have gone with HP or Samsung though. Still interested to see what they put out.

HP had the opportunity to make Windows tablets in the past but their hardware was so underpowered that they went for the PalmOS instead.

That was a total disaster.

Too late for them to come crawling back with a Windows tablet now. With that and their previous announcement to dump the PC business altogether, its obvious they have no idea about the market. They shot any credibility they had in the foot long ago.