NASA may sell Space Shuttles, BIN 42 Million

When NASA sets to retire its space shuttles in 2010 they may be interested in selling off the old orbiters. NASA is currently in the information gathering stage but selling off three shuttles for 42 million a piece (the 6 million dollar cost for shipping is included) would help to continue funding the next generation of space shuttles.

The Smithsonian is reportedly interested in the purchase but one would wonder where else the shuttles would go? The shuttles would be stripped of key components before being sent off and would not be in an operable state.

NASA is set to retire the shuttles on September 30th 2010 to keep in line with President Bush's goal of going back to the moon by 2020. Despite the talk of retirement the idea of keeping the shuttles going past 2010 are being discussed.

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meh, I hope they are willing to take 38 million, cause I'm not convinced on paying 42 million. I could get a cheaper version from teh Russians for 32 million.

SirEvan said,
and it could fall apart when you go into orbit too, or have problems like Mir did

lol... erm you've forgotten about the doomed shuttle missions then? foam chunks anyone?

Ohh so they're selling the shuttle with key elements scrapped off? Damn it's a ripped off, 42 millions for a non-working shuttle!

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