NBC creates interactive info graphic out of Olympics tweets

Love it or hate it, Twitter is a social media that has taken off and has grown exponentially since its inception; so it only makes sense for NBC to incorporate Twitter into its coverage of the Olympics.

One of the largest complaints about Twitter is the inability sometimes to make sense of all the tweets that are currently happening with regards to a specific topic.  NBC knows this and has created a way to aggregate all the tweets into a graphical format that is updated every four minutes.

The interactive timeline graphic is a great way to organize and display all the information in a format that is both creative and useful.  NBC has found a way to compile all the conversations regarding the Olympics and organize them by topic and update them in real time.  The depth goes beyond a pretty picture but is a full blown interactive portal into the tweets on Twitter.

If Twitter could find a way to integrate this type of information in this format across all of its topics, it may help to propel the service to greater heights. 

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Thanks for the tip, I'mWatchingYou. I sent several emails to NBC Sports and most of their Olympic sponsors outlining what a travesty NBC's coverage is and how I will personally make it my interest to NOT spend any of my money with them. I will continue to seek any other means to watch Olympic Hockey if it helps to make the Olympics more financially damaging to NBC Sports. I really hope NBC loses more than the estimated $200m US and Dick Ebersol is scapegoated and fired, then a real network will show the winter games in 4 years.

I'm surprised it doesn't use silverlight, Microsoft seems to have a deal with NBC to incorporate silverlight and an application like this seems like it would run much better with it.