Need For Speed leaves virtual reality

EA, the publishers behind the Need For Speed series of games, have announced that fans of the popular series will be able to act out their car fantasies in real life in June 2009.

Over the weekend of June 26th - 28th gamers and car enthusiasts will together be able to visit Brands Hatch Circuit near London, England, where EA's first ever Need For Speed Live event will be held. The event will be a showcase of entertainment, videogames, music, car shows and displays.

According to their new website, the event will appeal to fans of racing games, proud owners of hot vehicles, fans of exotic cars and motorsports enthusiasts.

Can we expect to see anyone from Neowin there enjoying the real life NFS experience?

View: Need For Speed Live

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Their was only one NFS that was worth a crap and that was NFS : PU (Porsche Unleashed). The rest blow big chunks. If the game was even remotely realistic then this festival they are having would allow the players to drive real cars at Brands Hatch. But seeing as NSF only attracts boy racers and "Drift Kings" they wouldn't dare allow any of these guys on the track.

I switched insurance recently and the agent said, "do you have air bags?.... ABS?... TC?.... Do you play NFS?". I asked her why she asked about NFS and she said they will not insure mis-trained drivers anymore. Hahaha.. Just kidding, that didn't really happen.

I wish EA would get a grip and working on fixing the game first I was a huge NFS fan but the constant barrage of buggy games with (sometimes quite bad) frame rate issues has worn me thin NFS used to be a fantastic series and I've even defended newer titles from critics of the game (particularly ProStreet: which I quite enjoyed minus the "issues" it had) but I hold little hope for the latest one. EA are capable of making damn good games (look at the current C&C games; everyone thought EA would ruin that, yet they actually did a bang up job [well I think so anyway]). So maybe if they spend more time on ironing out the issues with NFS, instead of wasting time with a gimmick event like this, NFS series might actually get back on it's feet again.