NeoBytes :) Jimmy Kimmel dupes bystanders by showing off a Casio as Apple's "iWatch"

NeoBytes :) is an occasional feature that takes a step back from the big headlines, to take a look at what else is happening in the vast, scary expanse of the tech world - often with a cynical eye, always with a dose of humour.

For the past year or so, it has been rumored that Apple is developing some type of wearable that may see the light of day by the end of 2014. While some have dubbed it the iWatch, an unearthed patent shows that it might eventually be called iTime. Although not much is known about the device, many speculate that it will focus on fitness and health.

Naturally, it was only a matter of time before someone would hit the streets to find out what people actually think about Apple's upcoming wearable device. Unfortunately for them, Jimmy Kimmel, host of his own late night show, decided to send a correspondent out to the streets to get their opinions -- on a fake iWatch. Of course, since the device doesn't exist yet, Kimmel created the wearable by placing an Apple sticker on a Casio digital watch. The results were somewhat comical. 

The presenter even points out some of the more “innovative” features of the watch, like its capability to persistently show the date and the time. The presenter also points to the watches ability to display the hours, minutes, seconds and other common features of a digital watch. Naturally, the watch handlers are impressed with the "new" device, praising Apple's latest product.

It's always funny to see people go along with what is being presented and taking it as fact. But as we inch closer to the rumored release, Apple can only hope to get such positive reactions with its wearable device. As a latecomer, Apple will be facing competition from a wide variety of competitors

Currently, most wearable devices are failing to capture the mass market, still being regarded as a niche device. But as Apple has done so many times in the past, maybe they will finally be able to introduce a wearable that will redefine the genre and gain global acceptance. 

Source: Jimmy Kimmel Live | Image via Jimmy Kimmel Live

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This is why it always irritates me when people try to explain how Apple's approach to anything is obviously better because sales numbers. You cant release junk and get good sales, but you don't have to be the best to get sales. Starting with the iPod, buying Apple has become the no-thought option - especially by those with money and care about brand recognition. They continue to make quality products, so much of that is earned, but don't delude yourself into thinking that consumers, in general, have actually weighed all the options and chose Apple because it was found to be the best after careful evaluation.

It's funny reading these comments, you people live that live in America should know that TV is so staged over there that believing anything on TV is just stupid.

To you that believe this is real, I'm sure you have a lot of random drugs in your bathrooms to cure everything under the sun.

Not staged, but certainly selective editing. I have met SOOOO many people just like this though. Most of them have been people with pretty good income who just buy the latest Apple thing because its "the best" without any consideration of anything else.

these videos are fake and everything is scripted, including some of these so called 'foolish' people. Just another way to increase TRPs for these nightly shows.

The entire point of the video is to laugh at Apple fanboys/girls, so they're not going to show the people who: -

(a) Didn't believe it;
(b) Thought it was ugly;
(c) Didn't think it was innovative at all; or
(d) Didn't care.

You can pretty much guarantee they spoke to people who fell into one of the above categories, but showing those people would be against their agenda.

Laugh at the video but don't assume everyone they spoke to was like that, that's just gullible.

The average non tech-savvy consumer will believe this sort of thing because they don't care, they just want it to work and be easy to use.

Perfect example of the "average consumer" - doesn't matter what the product is or what it can do, people latch onto the "thought" or ideals of the product. Windows is "old and boring, stuck in the past" whilst Apple is the "designer product for artists and creators"

What you're describing is not universal though. If there was universal adoration of Apple the iPhone would have as much market share outside the US as it does here. Instead the trend outside the US is that iPhone market share is very weak and being eroded further by Android & Windows Phones. Windows Phone now outsells iPhone in 24 countries according to IDC. And Mac is in an even worse position. They sell 4 million Macs in a quarter where 76 million PCs are sold. Similarly iPad has seen its market share eroded primarily by Android and to some extent Windows in the tablet market. iPad sales are declining faster than iPod. At this point Apple has two big hits iPhone (mainly in the US) and iTunes. Mac is very high margin, but compared to the market, extremely unpopular.

Avatar Roku said,
What you're describing is not universal though. If there was universal adoration of Apple the iPhone would have as much market share outside the US as it does here. Instead the trend outside the US is that iPhone market share is very weak and being eroded further by Android

Almost but the thing is the "big tech" only really advertise to US & UK, occasionally Australia never NZ. It all comes down to support. Most features don't exist outside of the US, take Asia for example where support for the local stores, sites and mobile tech aren't well integrated. As a result companies like HTC and ZTE are pretty popular. HTC makes a lot of it's phones with a built in Weibo button to launch Weibo related content. iOS doesn't work very well with Chinese or Korean charterers from a typographic perspective it's quite messy.

Despite the fact other regions are: Missing features, lacking functionality and have increased competition from more adapted technologies - The iPhone is still very popular because of its massive social presence in the US

I use Asia as an example since I spent a lot of time in and out of mainland China and a bit of time in Seoul. An interesting "generation gap" at my university can be observed though, and I don't really have an explanation. The university campus in Wellington for Massey is predominantly arts based (biig mac fans) and unsurprisingly well over 90% of students in my year have an iPhone however the year below us has a much much lower iPhone owner rate. They all have Macbooks but most of them seem to sport a mid range android or WP device. Again, not sure what happened in that one year but they've changed!

This is where Apple has comprehensively beaten Microsoft. For common public, the UI and appearance is everything. We live in a superficial world.

Edited by Andrew, Jul 25 2014, 5:02pm :

A Microsoft operating system that only sells over 400M copies is considered a flop. Brand matters in both the consumer and commercial/business world. Windows and Office brands are about as dominant as a brand can be in any industry. It's true that MS is more of a business brand than consumer brand, but there is also a ton of overlap there as many consumers need and use productivity tools. Then there's also Xbox, Kinect (fastest selling consumer electronics device), Halo, Gears of War, etc which prove that Microsoft has the capability to create extremely popular consumer brands. Skype and Outlook/Hotmail are also extremely popular since MS took control of them. MSN is still one of the top visited sites on the internet. And even Bing in the US is growing at an eyebrow raising rate; about to hit 20% of search as Yahoo falls below 10%.

MS has had a lot of misfires in the consumer space, but they can still hit home runs when they get the formula of innovation and marketing right. Kinect came out only a few years ago, Xbox and its million selling franchises are pretty fresh as well. There is an element they need to be careful of which is the perception of chasing Apple which hurt Zune, Surface, MS stores, and could hurt a smartwatch/fitness band from MS if it comes out too late. The Windows copied Mac mantra goes back decades and is very deeply engrained in the public consciousness.

I don't think it would be a bad idea for MS to focus on taking on weaker products/brands like Kindle or Google Glass. Things that can be used for both productivity and entertainment, but also have a lot of room for technological improvement and design improvement.

Avatar Roku said,
... Halo, Gears of War, etc which prove that Microsoft has the capability to create extremely popular consumer brands

Mostly right but Halo was created by bungie a looong time before Halo was a twinkle in MS eye and GOW was developed by Epic.

Bungie did create Halo universe, but they only create the Halo we know today under the wing of Microsoft.

Zerosignull said,

Mostly right but Halo was created by bungie a looong time before Halo was a twinkle in MS eye and GOW was developed by Epic.

Take any fake product out on the street and do the same thing and you will get the same result. Its meaningless fun.

This is a very funny video, but it paints a very big picture of what type of problem and challenge MS must endure - brand name recognition with consumers.

Sonne said,
yep I gaurentee you if it had a windows sticker on the back they would all say its crap

Unless Brad happened to be walking down Hollywood Blvd. that day...

Yes and no. I wasn't convinced that some of these people were that stupid (although some were). I think a few of them were just saying what they thought they were supposed to say to get on TV, YouTube, or whatever they told them they were filming for.

I wouldn't say stupid, but ignorant, or just followers. These are the same people that probably would have bought that watch and bragged about how awesome it worked, how it was such high quality case/strap/etc....
It shows that apple can take something, re-brand it, and sell it and people treat it like it's the newest best thing and they will love it