NeoBytes :) Man mistakes Blackberry for blackberry

NeoBytes :) is an occasional feature that takes a step back from the big headlines, to take a look at what else is happening in the vast, scary expanse of the tech world - often with a cynical eye, always with a dose of humour.

People get hungry, we get it. In addition, doctors are always telling us to eat more fruits and vegetables. That doesn't mean that you should eat anything that has the same name as a fruit or vegetable because that's bound to get you in trouble.

For proof, look no further than this poor South African man who apparently ate a Blackberry mobile phone and had it get stuck in his throat. Doctors tried several methods to get the phone out, and eventually were able to use a pair of forceps to do the deed, but it's clear that the phone was not easy to extract. It's worth noting that this incident occurred back in 2012, but is only now seeing the light of day.

The man has not been identified, and there's no explanation given regarding why he would attempt to eat a mobile phone instead of a juicy blackberry. We'd love to hear your theories though!

Source: The Mirror

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TechJunkie81 said,
Less focus on making smartphones and more focus on making smarter people, please.

How? Adding a disclaimer on the phone stating "Do not insert in mouth or anus". In 42 languages? It's just like Preparation H (hemorrhoid cream)says "Do not apply to the eyes". Why does it say this? Because someone applied it to their eyes. If you apply an ass cream to your eyes you obviously didn't or couldn't read the goddamn tube anyway. :)

I am sure he might have stolen that phone and was trying to hide it by swallowing. I don't see any other reason for any human, even dumb one, to do that.

Poor man? I'm sorry, but if he had died, that would just be darwinism right there. Idiot (The person who ate the phone to be specific).