Michael Bay melts down and walks out of Samsung's CES 2014 press event

Movie director Michael Bay is used to being in charge of film productions that can literally costs hundreds of millions of dollars. However, the man who helmed box office hits like "Bad Boys", "The Rock", "Armageddon" and the three Transformers movies (with a fourth due later this summer) couldn't handle the breakdown of a simple teleprompter.

Bay made an appearance today at Samsung's CES 2014 press event in Las Vegas, to help the company promote a new 105 inch UHD TV that happens to be the world's largest with a curved display. As shown by CNet's YouTube channel, Bay came on stage and immediately seemed uncomfortable talking with the Samsung executive. A few seconds later, Bay admitted that the teleprompter that was feeding him lines was broken and decided to "wing it."

Hey, we have all been there when it comes to public speaking; sometimes you just have to push through the technical issues. However, Bay was unable to stay on stage for longer than a few more seconds as he apparently was unable to "wing it". The video shows him apologizing and moving quickly off the stage, to the obvious shock of the Samsung executive.

Bay later posted a quick note on his official blog that began with, "Wow! I just embarrassed myself at CES." He added, "I got so excited to talk, that I skipped over the Exec VP’s intro line and then the teleprompter got lost. Then the prompter went up and down – then I walked off. I guess live shows aren’t my thing." That would be an understatement.

Source: CNet on YouTube

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So where's the meltdown? All I saw was him get embarrassed, freeze, and then bail. That's not a meltdown...

I do wish the writers here would learn English...

he probably had something on his mind, maybe something happened outside, in that situation you can understand why he wouldnt be able to focus

It was his teleprompter that was completely thrown out of the loop because he supposedly skipped a part in the beginning by mistake. I guess it happens...

I can't really blame him, because he was put there on stage to read a few lines of text, then answer a few simple questions, then move off stage. Samsung paid for his name on stage, not for a speech. If this would still have worked out, I think it would be by pure luck and improvisation.

I think the host should have offered more of a shoulder. Wow, just firing back question after question when he's clearly shaken. Just go with the usual. "Technical difficulties".

"I'm sorry, but we're having some technical difficulties at the moment that need to be resolved; if you would have a moment to spare with us later, that would be great, Michael."

That wasn't so hard, and would have avoided this cringefest.

Teleprompter? So both Michael and the Samsung CEO know nothing about their products? I don't need a teleprompter or to prepare any material for a presentation on a subject I'm familiar with.

He bottled it.

I don't trust a person who can't think on their feet... not that I ever trusted Michael Bay or Samsung, but shh.

Obviously you can't see or hear someone think, so it's only possibly for you to be talking about verbal. If anything I distrust people that are too smooth because it strikes me as rehearsed and phony.

The way people react to the unexpected speaks volumes of their character.

A good example recently was that reporter who was conducting a live interview with the instructors / owners of a Skiing School. She fainted mid-interview for a couple of seconds, fell to the floor, awoke and continued the interview sat in the snow.

That right there demonstrates an unmeasurable amount of professionalism. If I recall she said she woke up, saw the camera and just got on with it.

For Michael Bay to completely collapse on stage is disgraceful. He was a deer caught in the headlights all because he wasn't being told what to say.

Lingwo has said it best below:

"It just shows how famous names are paid ludicrous amounts of money to talk about products they know nothing about. They should break the Teleprompter more often and see how they react."

It just shows how famous names are paid ludicrous amounts of money to talk about products they know nothing about. They should break the Teleprompter more often and see how they react.

I suppose though him blanking and walking off the stage like that has given the product more coverage than it would have got anyway. So win, win.

I wonder how many of the attackers here would even make it on the stage without shaking? Creative people tend to be rather introverted, as it's the reason they are able to come up with the ideas in their heads.

Wow that was awkward.. i feel his pain though.. i do stuff like this for my job with much much much smaller crowds and it never gets any easier.

I'm waiting for some hacker/protest group to claim they broke the teleprompter on purpose for (insert stupid reason here).

This is just sensationalist "journalism" meant to bump SEO and visitors. I dont like the current direction of this site's "news".

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