Neobytes :) Oracle refuses to pay $33,540 strip club bill

NeoBytes :) is an occasional feature that takes a step back from the big headlines, to take a look at what else is happening in the vast, scary expanse of the tech world - often with a cynical eye, always with a dose of humor.

Last night, Oracle kicked off their annual OpenWorld conference with a keynote by Larry Ellison. The company announced many new products and database features, including the new M6-32 "Big Memory Machine server, in-memory option for databases, and a new backup appliance. Oracle even talked about the America's Cup race and Team USA's amazing comeback that continued yet again today. What they didn't talk about was the strip club lawsuit.

According to SFGate, the owner of a local San Francisco strip club filed a lawsuit against Oracle for failing to pay its tab. The complaint states that an Oracle employee racked up a bill of over $16,000 one night for "unspecified services," and put the charges on his American Express card. The services were so good that the employee returned a couple of days later, this time adding over $17,000 of new charges to the credit card. When Oracle saw the credit card statement, they (unsurprisingly) refused to pay the bill.

The timing of the lawsuit is suspicious, and we suspect that the club is using it to garner publicity in order to attract current OpenWorld attendees. Still, if everything in the story is true, Oracle (or the employee) should be required to pay for the fun that was had that night.

Our sources have confirmed that the employee in question is still employed by Oracle. We also must not be hanging around the right Oracle employees, because nobody's invited us to a The Hangover type of party here in San Francisco.

Source: SFGate | Striptease image courtesy of Shutterstock

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more to the point why was the card allowed to be used at this place. surely it should have been black listed for this use and amounts

If it was charged to the AMEX, the merchant would have the funds. The only reason Oracle would get the money back would be if it was disputed, and they were not able to prove such services should be on the card.

Something doesn't add up here.

I certainly hope this moron should have to pay out of his own pocket, how could this possibly be a business expense? Shameful professional behavior aside!

oh no need to get too holier-than-thou. there are people in marketing who will do everything to secure businesses and make their potential / customers happy. i've seen bosses who are more than willing to own up the bills.

Agreed. Having a had company charge cards, this is the way it has always worked: I can use it to pay for hotels, meals, flights, etc. all within the company guidelines. If I charge something outside the guidelines, then it's on me. If this employee didn't have authorization from a manager to go to the club, then it's his expense and not the company.