Neobytes ;) Parody video shows Apple's new designer for gold iPhone 5s

When leaked images of Apple's iPhone 5s began to show up on the Internet earlier this summer, many were surprised that the smartphone was ditching its normal white and black colors in favor of grey, silver and even gold.

The idea of a gold colored smartphone generated a lot of buzz well before Apple officially revealed the iPhone 5s earlier this week. It wasn't long before the writers and performers on the Conan late night talk show got on the bandwagon.

The result of their efforts is a very funny parody video that was shown on the TBS talk show earlier this week and later uploaded to YouTube. The clip has Apple designers talking into the camera briefly about the fingerprint scanner on the iPhone 5s before they move into talking about the gold colored version. It's then that we are introduced to "Raffi Jabarian", Apple's new "VP, Gold", who proceeds to make his case that the gold version is "the best."

Jabarian comes across as a cross between a Russian mobster and used car salesman, who keeps pushing his opinion that having a gold iPhone is just like owning other "best" things, like sports cars, a nice watch and shrimp.

The other Apple designers in the clip quickly distance themselves from Jabarian but he is having none of it, even claiming that Siri on the gold iPhone 5S "not as uptight" as she is on other models. Personally, we buy his argument in the end; the gold iPhone 5s is indeed the "Best, Best. Best."

Source: Conan on YouTube

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NoClipMode said,
Too much iPhone news on here. Who cares.

People who like iPhone news? If only somehow there was a way not to click it -then you wouldn't have to see it.

phil schiller: hey tim cook we have an idea about what to make the next iPhone 5s even more compelling and innovative than ever before. Since the iPhone is the GOLD STANDARD then we decided to add the gold color as an option for the iPhone 5 successor.

Tim cook: WOW! That's really interesting indeed.

Vinylchan said,
Not available in my country, Boo

Lucky you, thats one minute i wont be getting back. Worst iPhone parody i've seen.

Hardcore Til I Die said,
Yeah, shockingly bad.

I wouldn't say "shockingly" bad, as you did have Conan's name act as a warning label.

(no offense if you like him, I just think he's completely overrated)