NeoCast #001 - We started a groupcast!

Click above to listen to the recorded podcast. Video feed below.

Contributing Staff:
Brad Sams (@bdsams) and Tim Schiesser (@ScorpusV)

Topics Discussed:

  1. Microsoft's retail presence with the Surface
  2. The first OTA update on Windows Phone 8
  3. Apple v. Microsoft, SkyDrive and in-app payments
  4. Windows Phone 7.8 and Microsoft's lack of communication
  5. Google+ technical difficulties (yay!)
  6. ...and more!

We call it a Groupcast because it's not just us doing the talking, it's you too! On this episode we had few Neowin readers join us live to chat, on air, and provide their own commentary. 

We host a Google+ Hangout every Wednesday 8:00 PM ET; check back next week for how to join and chat with the staff of Neowin about Microsoft and a variety of tech topics. There's also a video of us chatting for this episode which you can check out below.

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Also, Microsoft USE to put up a chart showing which devices were in what stage of update development/status. BUT, the anger from users directed at them, the OEMs and the carriers grew to be incredible and they made it clear they would no longer do that. So, you can't win.

I call foul on the claim that you can get updates on Android whenever you want. That's simply not true. In fact, you have to hope and pray that any update will come out for your Android device at all. Now, IF your OEM actually comes out with an update THEN you can go out and download it. Also, Apple has ONE FRICKIN' PHONE, so of COURSE everyone gets the update at the same time. But with Windows Phones you have two different major versions across multiple OEMs across multiple carriers. And, only WP8 supports OTA. So, please be more thorough.

Cant get the iTunes link to work on my PC, will look into it.

Reported that to Neowin just now.
Use this:

Neowin auto-adds http:// to links, so as this is not an http but a proprietary itpc (iTunes Podcast) link, it doesn't work being transformed into http, even falsely still leaving iptc// in the URL.


I don't understand. What is so worth about podcasts (a neverending disperse mumble about stuff) that everyone finds necessary to have his own? Like someone else said, it's usually more interesting looking at the faces and stuff presenters do than listening to the actual content.
I feel it's much more concise and to the point having a weekly news summary article than getting stuck for an hour trying to catch the good parts if any.

Ok, if i don't like it, i don't watch it, but i feel websites waste their efforts with it. It's more like everyone wants to be on YouTube than anything else.

Considering most technology companies are blocking Google+ and GMail access due to privacy concerns, good luck with getting participation from any credible people in the 'technology' world.

Is this a 20 'something' failing to understand security and privacy?

That could well have been the case. If you didn't have a webcam/video chat it automatically hid you when you joined (pro tip: use a webcam)

yes, the first 8 people to click the link will be able to video chat (only 10 are supported at a time) after that text chat is still open.