NeoGamr Podcast 014 - 04.11.2012

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Once again, the NeoGamr Podcast is going live for its 14th episode. As we have been doing for the past several weeks, we are producing and recording a live streaming podcast in which John Callaham, Larry "DirtyLarry" Cooney and Tim Schiesser will be discussing the latest gaming news. Feel free to chime in at any moment with your comments thanks to the Ustream Social Stream.

What will we talk about? We may chat about John Romero's hints that he is making a new PC shooter, the successful Shadowrun Kickstarter campaign, the return of Al Lowe to Leisure Suit Larry, and Epic's claim it will return to PC game making. Or we may just talk about something entirely different... hey, that's the beauty of doing it live!

The live video podcast is scheduled to begin at 7 PM Eastern Time. You will be able to listen on the website at that time. Please be aware that this will be a live podcast so we might encounter some unexpected issues.

We look forward to hopefully having you listen in to John, Larry and Tim live later tonight. For those of you who can't make it, we will of course be recording the podcast and we will have it available for download, unedited, sometime later.

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Didn't get around to listening live, listening now.

Meant to add an opinion on the used passes last week, but you guys reminded me talking again this week. It was just to say when it comes to movies and music, think about the other revenue streams for each. Movies earn a TON of money at the cinema/box office/streaming services/tv licensing, and music earns money through the radio/TV/OST's, even BEFORE the movies/cds hit retail. Games do not make any substantial money if any at all prior to the physical product being sold.

Simply felt your arguments/comparisons to the Movie/Music industry were a little one sided. Mentioning the DLC did make it a little more balanced, but DLC usually only makes its way to us when the game sells decently, if the game tanks we don't usually get DLC (or decent DLC). You can't really deny that when you buy used, the money goes straight to Gamestop/Game/whoever you buy from - Not going to get into the whole "it's a sale lost" argument, that's a tricky one But it is true it's simply all going into the pockets of the retailer - Maybe a future solution is for MS/Sony/Publishers to require a % from retail from their used games?

I grumble at online passes, but I don't see them as completely unfair. Maybe that's a slight bias as a PS3 owner as I don't pay any money to XBL for example, which people see as paying for the 'online servers & mp'. MP servers these days are far more complicated than in the past with all the stat tracking and network traffic. Cheaper online passes may be a better solution, as around £10 is too much IMO. £3-5 if I bought a used game on the cheap and I wouldn't see it as angrily as I may have in the past/as other people do in regards to online passes.

I definitely do think however if Sony/MS try to outright block used games on a hardware level next gen, that is completely unacceptable and against the consumers best interests. Will destroy the ability for me and my other half to take games to each others houses.

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