Neowin Annual October Give away - 2005 Edition, WINNERS

As promised, one week after the draw here are all the winners that our script randomly generated. 5107 members took part and the script selected 83 from that amount. Members were paired with a prize based on the order of the generated memberid and prize list shown below.

The list is extensive and took me ages to write up, so read more for the result. Congratulations to all our winners and till next year! So stick around..

And the winners are... *drum roll*

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I've contacted the 24 Messenger:Mate winners and 5 Trend Micro winners, since I was the one to get those prizes in. If you won and did not receive my PM, please contact me ASAP.

Why are some of you complaing about new members getting the prizes...

I don't know if you knew or not... BUT IT WAS ALSO A MEMBERSHIP DRIVE!

Calm down.