Neowin Community Game Awards 2007 Voting

The Neowin Community Game Awards are unlike other "Best of Year" awards. Every step of the process is voted on by community members. From the initial nominations to the final voting, you, the people who play the games, get to voice your opinions on which titles truly stood out from the rest throughout the year. The NCGA's are the epitome of a "for the fans, by the fans" award.

After tallying up the wave of submissions from the nomination round, it is now time for every one to, once again, log in and speak up. The five most nominated games were taken from each category and were allowed to advance to the final voting round. Some categories received over 20 different nominations thanks, in large part, to the outstanding turnout from the Neowin community.

Voting will remain open for two weeks, ending on November 20, 2007. At that time, the results will be reviewed, the summaries written, and the winners contacted with final results being released shortly thereafter.

That's enough from us. Now it's time for you to get voting.

Link: Vote in the Neowin Community Game Awards 2007

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Nice set up, I've just done my options.

But maybe I would suggest something, I dunno, a bit different for getting some games to get on there, there only seemed to be 2 adventure games on there, which is a little odd, or were they really the only two games that were suggested?
Maybe less genre specific somewhat, e.g. Action/Adventure, Adventure/Platform to fill out sectons that would have less.

Why didn't Gears of War make it to the Best Game Category? Is it because it is only Best Game of 2007? I think that last year's awards were before Gears of War came out.

Ever consider moving these community game awards to January of the next year. I dunno...maybe it makes sense to wait until all 2007 games are released before actually voting on the best game of 2007. Don't ya think?

It didn't received enough nominations for Best Of 2007.

As for moving the awards, it's something I'm working on for next year. I can tell you now they definitely won't be in January, but I'm trying to figure out how we can crunch time next year and start about 3 weeks into November, thus giving us the time to allow the November holiday releases to make the cut. Either way, none of the game publications out there wait until all the games are out for the year. Any worthwhile game will be out, without a doubt, by the end of November.

I've listened to complaints before and will continue to do so. I just want to remind everyone, though, that all of us (myself, blackice912, and DirtyLarry) have real jobs and the holidays get kind of crazy for us. I wanted to try to get this in while we could handle the load.

We're trying here. I'll never get this perfect and there'll always be something to tweak, but it's a learning process.

Only two for adventure games and both are Zelda titles?
And why is it just "The Orange Box" instead of each game? But really HL2:EP2 or TF2.

i voted for "Forza Motorsport 2" as much as i could, cause thats one of my very favorite game series probably of all time (especially for racing it's king) ... i voted as follows.

Best Of Genre...
Racing Game = Forza Motorsport 2
First Person Shooter = The Orange Box (even though i think it's obvious that "Overrated 3" will win yet again)
MMO (RPG) = The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

Best Of System...
XBox360 game = Forza Motorsport 2 (even though "Overrated 3" will end up winning )
PC Game = Half-Life 2: The Orange Box

And The Winner Is...
The Orange Box (if i could have i would have put Forza Motorsport 2 here instead )

thats pretty much all i voted for since some of the other stuff i never played or do not care about

I predict The Orange Box will dominate the selections - it is a truly excellent collection of games, whilst Team Fortress 2 has the best graphics I have seen to date.

So only vote in the categories you wish to. All categories have a "No selection" option so you don't have to vote in a category you don't care about. If you only want to vote in the Best PC Game of 2007 category, then go right ahead

no pro evo 2008? shame.
edit: just read bangbang's post ^, didn't even realise there were nominations, my bad.