Neowin Exclusive - Playstation 3 Shipment Reduction True?

A few days ago, an executive over at video game giant EA had gone on record saying that the number of PS3 units shipped in 2006 could be almost half of what was originally predicted. In what seems to be further fuel for the rumor fire, an anonymous employee of the electronics retailer, Best Buy, has informed Neowin that management let it slip out that Best Buy, itself, would be getting approximately half of the original number of units promised by Sony and is banking on Wii, 360, PSP, and PS2 sales to carry gaming through the holidays.  Taking Sony's insistence of 1.2 million units by the end of 2006 and slicing that in half, we're left with only 600,000 units for the US during the more important sales time of the year.

Unfortunately, for us, it's hard to know what to believe, at the moment. On one side, we have an executive at EA and a trusted source from inside Best Buy telling us one thing and then, straight from the horse's mouth, we hear completely contradictory information. Stay tuned while Neowin (and every other puzzled news site) tries to get to the truth once and for all.

Again, this information is not confirmed by Best Buy and is only word of mouth from someone inside the company. The next week or so will see the truth come out though, one way or the other I'm sure.

And thank you to our anonymous source, you know who you are.

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I can't wait to see how many hardware problems there will be compared to the 360 and Wii... I'm obviously expecting the Wii to be the most stable console, with the 360 2nd and PS3 coming in 3rd... The PS3's tech is just too unproven.

The more scarce they are, the higher they'll go for on Fleabay, heh. Can't wait to see the fistfights breaking out at stores and bidding wars ending at $2000.

PSP will carry on game sales, but DS won't? Lolgg, not.

Anyway, I doubt this, to be honest. I think launch will stay at 400k/80k.

My Best Buy is getting a mere 25 units and only in the 60 GB version. Also, it's no secret.. we're telling customers what our count is.

you're lucky because alot of stores really don't know what their count will be. I work at Target and not even the store manager knows how many units we are getting on launch day, that information just hasn't been sent down the pipe yet.

^^^Yes, those were the last numbers. So if it's half of those, this isn't going to be a friendly launch for a lot of people.


So where do the numbers stand?

I thought the latest numbers were:

USA: 400,000
Japan: 80,000
Europe: you won't see yours till march '07

are you claiming the numbers will be half that? That's sad.

I'm not getting a PS3 (don't want one, and don't care, I like my 360), so I'm not crying.

I believe those are the laucnh week numbers where as there were supposed to be something like 800,000 US by the end of 2006, so that would mean 400,000 now, no? I could be wrong. I haven't really followed the PS3 shipment numbers all that much.

edit: After some digging, it seems as though the current Sony PR numbers are 1.2 million, so half would put it between 500,000 to 600,000.

Woo! Go Neowin!

But it doesn't matter, I don't want a PS3, I don't live in America and I don't know what Best Buy is ;)

But, that makes 50,000? Dang...

50,000? No lol. That would make it about 600,000 I think. I wish I knew who to believe. I work for Best Buy but they won't tell anyone in my store anything about counts for the ps3. I've never seen them be so tight lipped.