Neowin Forums get a Mobile skin

As part of Neowin's 8th birthday celebrations, we are proud to announce the launch of a forum skin specifically for our members who like to surf on the go. The new skin has been tested across a range of the most popular mobile browsers to give members a great Neowin experience out on the road.

Our developer Timan has worked tirelessly on this skin to ensure it contains all the features you need to post on Neowin from a mobile device. To keep the skin bandwidth friendly, the number of images on the page is very low, and signatures and other less necessary parts are not displayed.

Screenshot: >> Neowin Forums on Windows Mobile <<
Screenshot: >> Neowin Forums on iPhone <<

To view the mobile skin, simply load up the forums in your browser on your mobile device. Your mobile will be detected and the mobile skin applied. A link is available at the bottom should you wish to switch back to the full skin

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