Neowin Giveaway: Bag of Crap

In celebration of Neowin's 10 year anniversary, we decided that it would be best to give away a few things. Progressively, the prizes will get better as we get closer to the end of the month.  So to get started, Neowin is giving away a bag of crap.  

So what do you have to do to win this lovely bag of crap?  It's easy, post a comment below telling us how much you love Neowin. You can enter once per day and the contest will end on Friday, October 8th at midnight EST.  

The winner will be notified by PM and can be anywhere in the world as long as your country allows a bag of crap to be imported (and probably taxed). So what is in this bag of crap? Its random bits that I have gathered from press events, random things that have shown up in the mail and a few items that i stole from Neobond's house. Good luck to all!

Image Credit: Jeffery Beal

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I can't get enough of you guys! I depend on this site for all news both tech and social. YOU ARE AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Also i never win at these contests but I am feeling lucky this time. Bring on the Bag of Crap cause it is what i need!!

So... in celebration of Neowin, the esteemed owners and supporters of the site are providing us with literally, a Bag of Crap. Genius, I love it. Yet another reason why this place is awesome... comedy gold! (Seriously tho, send me the bag so I can then complain how crap it is when I win... as someone will... pmsl )

I love Neowin so much, it's replaced digg in my rank of most visited sites. If you knew how much I used to visit digg, you'd know I probably visit neowin a bit too much.

Neowin, Neowin, what should I do without you?
i read you in the morning, at noon and in the evening...
So please, don't dissappear, don't leave me behind in this land full of not-knowing computernoobs
please stay with me for the next 70 years !

I hope you like this poem of crap (a)

Nooooooooo! I missed the bag of crap!!! =(

Why are times always different than mine not that it would of helped =P

Have to say, been here about 7 years, but winning a bag of crap would make me even more pleased to be a member of such a strong community.

I only just saw this front page story. I really wanted a bag of crap

Anyway, Neowin is a fantastic community. Here's to another 10 years!

I love Neowin to such a degree that I would write a comment, knowing full well that it may result in bagged crap being tossed in my general direction.

Why do I love NeoWin? For starters the diversity of is extrodinary, there are few sites on the net that has a such a diverse knowledge base and forums. Neowin has always been an inviting and educational place to visit for your new user up to your more advanced users. Neowin has earned my approval by always posting great non biased news and reports as well. Finally Neowin has always been a personal community always giving back to its users!

Thanks again happy 10th!

Prophecy said,
Why do I love NeoWin? For starters the diversity of is extrodinary, there are few sites on the net that has a such a diverse knowledge base and forums. Neowin has always been an inviting and educational place to visit for your new user up to your more advanced users. Neowin has earned my approval by always posting great non biased news and reports as well. Finally Neowin has always been a personal community always giving back to its users!

Thanks again happy 10th!

Agreed, I was thinking the same thing. With it being late here I couldn't formulate all my thoughts into words.

Oh yeah, happy 10th Neowin. I've only been a member since 2007, and I kind of wish I was online in the previous years to see Neowin when it was starting out. Such a big and successful forum, I'm a bit jealous to be honest.

Been with neowin since 2006, I always have my usernames a year in advance of a join date, so been here 4 years, And I'm the biggest lerker going

i have been with neowin less than a year but i like neowin so much that i dont miss neowin not even a single day.
now pick me.

Too bad it's too late for me to win now, but oh well. I never win anything anyway so it's no loss to me, I won a contest once but never saw the goods and the person/business went bust after I won the contest.

Anyways I do love Neowin, I check it daily, more like half-hourly/hourly. Neodevs are amazing talented people for taking the crummy IPB3 theme and making it awesome, I like the css color variations. I love the news on Neowin, the topics, plenty to discuss and some amazing people here.

The last bag of crap I owned was attached to my abdomen. I never sent it to neowin's mailbox though, and if that's not love, I don't know what is.

I love Neowin so much that I chased the scroll bar with my mouse as it loaded all the other guys proclaiming their ro(bro)mance for Neowin all in the name of a bag of defecation, in turn, I am too, wondering what's in this bag of poo.........................................................>_O

I love Neowin so much that if Neowin was a real person I would give it my first born child. (Not really but you get the idea).

Neowin is like my secret girlfriend to technology and I use it 60 percent of the time when im on the pc because the best news is unprofessional news in life. =)

If daily web activity were measured, I would say 35% of my daily usage is attributed to Neowin. Considering how ADD my surfing habits are, I consider that LOVE.

hmm... that bad looks more exciting everyday.. makes u wish u could see through it!! and Neowin is good place. not all sites give away free things. Also here is to another 10 years!

Neowin gives me all the information I need with a beautiful design and customise the colours to my personal taste. It's easy to find the news you wish, and a bag of crap will just make me appreciate what you guys have accomplished in the digital world.

I love you guys.

Just a heads up, my wife hates you guys. I got my new captivate phone and it can actually runs the internet without to much lag. All the time (during commercials of our shows and when each time I pass by my phone) I pick it up and take a look here. You can tell it aggravates her to no end. But I gotta be kept on the news and what is going on. I think she would completely erase your website from the web if she could.
As far as me, keep up the good work. I will keep reading.

I love neowin! And it's my birthday today! Even more of a reason for you guys to give a dedicated member a bag of crap!

Neowin has been fantastic. Has helped me fix ton's of computer problems, iPhone problems, help with finding a great new product and even helped me try a product I would have never tried if not suggested. I have also found many games, and met many friends all because of Neowin!! I would love to win a bag of crap!

I love Neowin for their great environment (news, commentors, looks,...) and they get a plus for giving out prizes to people aroudn the world instead of only US (yeah...I'm looking at you two, Tom and Anand...).

Since I rarely post on Neowin, I guess you could consider that stalking. And since I haven't gotten a restraining order yet, I guess Neowin loves me too....I love you Neowin, in the creepy serial-stalker kind of way.

even if the bag is full of crap you'll still end up with a bag..
the sheer brilliance of the concept is reason enough to love neowin!

I love neowin, due to the fact that if I'm experiencing problems, chances are that someone here has had the same problems, and can offer a solution that's 1. easy to read, 2. easy to understand, and 3. straight to the point.

I love neowin because of the pie....wait no thats not right Umm, I love neowin more than H2 loves O (Yes I know that was corny.)

I'd like to think that the amount of time I spend on neowin per day is equivalent to the geometric series:
1/2 + 1/4 + 1/8 + 1/16 + 1/32... = [1 / (1-x)] - 1, where x = 1/2

At the end of the day, when I count up all the time I've spent on neowin - because I love it so much - I often find that it is about equal to 1. whole. day.

I dream of Neowin and damn - I remember those dreams! Those are the only ones!

Neowin and its community have been a part of my life since sometime back in 2003 and I am a member since 2004. Eat that!!! Time to marry, eh?

I love Neowin til death do us part. With that being said, I love Neowin so much I donated and would donated some more!!

Neowin is one of the last couple of Windows oriented forums bookmarks that i haven't deleted. Hope you guys never end up as MSFN did.

lol I really thoguth the 'bag of crap' was literal o_O!

well ... Neowin is ALWAYS the first tech news site I read every single day, plus I liked Neowin on Facebook, and I'm following it on Twitter

i came here over eight years ago. was a subscriber after seeing how steady this site grows and how people try to help each other. chat about this and that, milestones, how the ircthing came into being, how people seek help for every situation and how people try to provide help for every situation. after taking a break for some time due personal reaons i came back and found it more than overwhelming how big and "multitasking" neowin became during the past years. good job, keep on doing it.


I love neowin, but I am hating this page now.... takes forever for all responses to load up, and the thread isn't even stickied.... so now we have to search for it. By the end of the week, it wont even be in the front page, and you will have to archive search it..... Get this stickied you guys

I love Neowin so much that I called my eldest daughter Neowin... True Story

(my wife would like to point out that our daughters name is Harley and she was born 7 years before Neowin was a twinkle in Stevens eye, but it's the thought that counts isn't it?)

I wouild love a bag of crap to have. I love NEOWIN!!! I would be SO SO SO SO happy to have it. Please let me win. Got have it

I love Neowin so much that I come and visit the site everyday to keep up with the latest technology news!
Thanks Neowin!

I've been here for some time now, and never plan on visiting this site no less than 3 or 4 times a day. I *LOVE* Neowin. I actually met Neobond back in 2005 at WinHEC 2005 for the before-convention dinner party & product launch for XP x64 - but he probably wouldn't remember me.

So, it's not a big deal if I do or don't win - It would be nice if I did, but just expressing my enjoyment of this site is enough for me, and congrats-in-advance for the winner & winners of the other give-aways connected with Neowin's 10th Anniversary!

Neowin has been my homepage for years now. I can't get the evening started without checking in to see "what in the wide world of sports" I'm missin'!

I just visit for the "Software" RSS feed and occasionally to browse the forums. I could live without it, but nonetheless Neowin is awesome!

it's been my homepage for the better part of 9 years. even if i don't post anymore, i still like reading the mac vs windows wars in every news item.

Neowin is just what I need to get the latest updates. Ever since a friend introduced this site, I then frequently visit this to get news and updates. New contents aren't too long to read, which I like the most, and goes straight to the real news.

How to not love neowin, always fresh news on technologies games softwares in one place offred by good journalist ! what more we can ask ?
Anyway i'm checking what's news every day and this since 6 years !

Two years ago I was fourteen. With a newly built PC, my interest in technology was starting to take hold. I thought about it for a bit, and decided to take the plunge by making a site more or less unknown to me, my homepage. I wanted a tech news site that I could read everyday - I got one of the best and unique communities in the world.

Through all the heated debates on politics I used to down-rate people's star ratings over, and all the heartbreaking moments opening PM's to see my warning level increased (yes, they did hit me that hard), I still have never once thought of replacing that in my Home page setting. I can even go so far as to say that the first thing I do when I install a new browser or OS is to set my home page.

It's been a good run so far, Neowin. I will certainly be there for rest as well.

A Bag of crap Neowin is giving away
whatever could be in it? who can say
Now don't be disheartened & don't despair
If I won it and didn't share
Because I will still tell all the rest
That Neowin's site is still one of the best.

8 years and counting. Actually maybe longer, I was a member when Neowin was on vBulletin. Wait, or was it phpBB. I don't remember which, but it was LONG time ago. If I didn't love Neowin, I would of left long time ago.

I shout NEOWIN when I'm making love to my girlfriend and I also chant NEOWIN when I'm on the pooper.

Wait, what?

Well lets just say if I was a girl then I would marry neowin and we would have little neowinians and sabotage engadet and IGN. No im kidding, I am a massive neowin user your like a NYtimes and I have you on RSS, mobile site and twitter and youtube and facebook, Im obsessed with you guys, keep up the great work and I hope I get the bag of Crap =)

If Neowin was a girl I would watch her from a distance then make my move when the opportunity arrose, fail and then have a few weeks worth of what if fapping material.

I love neowin... no. no. no... I ADORE neowin (that's better ). They always have the latest news on technology, plus it's always good to have an exclusive once in a while!

I love neowin because just about anything to do with anything the world may ever want to know, is on here. Plus it is blue..and I like blue. And that is all there is to say about that. Now give me that crap so I can put a bow on it for my wifes birthday

Like many others, this is my primary news site - I have it set as one of my Firefox homepages, plus I also have the RSS feed on my Google homepage :-D

Its my birthday on October 8th; you could give me this bag of crap for my birthday as you obviously love me as you see, this isn't about you, its about me. ;-)

Neowin is in my top 3 sites to go to for everything tech. If you're in charge of what goes into the's far from crap. . I would love that bag as if it was my second cousin twice removed. She's hot!

Whenever I find myself on another technology website other than's like I've just fallen onto a foreign country...where there is an ear on their foreheads and they have six fingers...and know, like monkeys.

I love not only for the news, but for the forums as well. When I was younger I would go to the forums for computer help, and try to offer my knowledge to others. Now being in college, I come here all the time for news, and sometimes peek around the forums for help.

I love Neowin, because it is my secret discreet lover, he lives across the street... now I also love the page Neowin because it suplies me with IT info and looks as fancy as my neighbor...

I've been reading Neowin since 2002. Not much more to say about the site that hasn't already been said. Keep up the great work!

Got Neowin in my RSS reader so I don't miss an article. Great site, great community in the forums, and dangit I need to think of things to say the other 4 days. XD

I'm in need for a bag of crap. Enterred Neowin since 2002 and I realy enjoy thecommunity. Please count me in for this prize...

Neowin oh Neowin, you help make the the day pass quickly by. Without your wonderful news there`d be a tear in my eye. I check out your stories morning, noon and night, due to reading articles and posts i think i`m losing my sight. A bag of crap for the winner, that`s what i read, it would fit just nicely over my head

If an avocado and a turtle had a baby, and that baby grew into a fully fledged adult, and that adult made love to an animal that was, in fact, cross between a porcupine and a mango and then had a baby of its own, and that baby trekked far across land, and busked for extra cash for bus fares, and sold it's pure innocent body for aeroplane tickets for a flight just to come to my house, and then broke into my house and snuck into my bedroom and proceeded to do the "macarena" while I was browsing Neowin, I would disregard it entirely.

My usual go to site when it comes to tech news. Correct that... my only go to site when it comes to tech news. Keep going strong, Neowin, we need you.

Sweet, Neowin has been the first site I visit each morning ever since I started visiting it from the original site way back...

I love Neowin because its where I get my windows news. Long time reader of Neowin since the Windows Whistler days :lol

I love Neowin so much that I'm going to get a potato (or maybe a stalk of celery) with the Neowin logo tattooed on my lower back like a trashy girl.

I have neowin on my iGoogle home page so I can know the latest on the neowiniage... it is a good site for news as well as an interesting place to look at various arguments unfold in comments (always fun to watch).

And besides, what other side would actually give away a "Bag of Crap?"

i love neowin so much, i think about it while i have sex.

i need to know what is in that bag, its driving me insane hahaha.

I remember I had to shift through a lot of crap during my early years, especially when Tech_Dude_6000 and snyper were around. Gamers Hideout was like an abominable snow man, you could fling a small chinese firecracker, and receive a rocket in return! Goes to show you how much crap I had to go through to browse Neowin during my time here.

Doesn't make me regret it one bit !


When someone is patiently waiting at their desk, waiting on me to come fix their computer. I am sitting at my desk reading articles on Neowin. Much like this very minute while I'm trying to win this bag-o-crap! I should win this bag-o-crap, because I read Neowin rather than do my job!

Neowin has been my source of news for the last 7 or so years. Others have come and gone (Does anyone even use WinBeta these days?) . Without neowin, I'd have no idea what's going on. I just love it.

I love you! I love you so so much! My heart aches when I can't visit you! Please send me a bag of crap!

Neowin rocks! Getting a bag of crap from Neowin would rock also! Would go great with my Woot BoC which should hopefully come this week.

If you send me the bag of crap, I will set it on my neighbor's front door, will light it on fire, and will ring the bell and run. I will even take photos of him stopping out the fire and getting whatever crap is inside the bag all over his shoes.

I wouldn't mind some crap from Neowin to be delivered to my home address, so I'm in As for how much I love Neowin, I can openly say that I visit Neowin more than I visit my bookmarked pr0n sites (which is a lot)

I love Neowin so much, that I recommend it to just about everyone I know, in hopes that they'll register, and help the community grow. This has always been my number 1 forum, and as long as I am on the interweb, it always will be! Cheers!

I read Neowin while taking a crap ... even when I sleep or am with my lady Neowin is on my desktop ... she is beginning to hate it ... and I tell her ... Don't be hatin' girl, you are almost 30

I love Neowint and getting the latest news. I would love a bag of crap to have and be included in this great idea givewaway

hahaha, I can't believe how many people have replied to this..................................

I love Neowin because of the 'unprofessional' take on the tech news

Count me in
Love Neowin so much that hardly can any of my browser without it on the bookmark
Pick me;) I do want it as long as the bag of crap is not the bag of trap !

<3 neowin, wife hates you because I read it rather than listening to her babble on about nothing but i refuse to give up neowin!

I've been following Neowin ever since its inception - and a bag of crap would be welcome at my house (as long as it didn't stink too badly!!)

I would say that Neowin is not a part of my life and that i dont think its anything special... if that was the case however, then why do i go on here far more than i do Facebook or any other site?

I cant go a day without browsing through Neowin and take my time surfing it rather seriously too! My wife sees it as a part of who i am and knew that she would be taking on the commitment of Neowin when she married me.

Today we live as a happy family of me, her, our laptops and Neowin

while i don't post much in the comments or forums. I've been a longtime visitor of the site. Have your rss feed in my favorites and visit every day. Maybe you guys can entice me into being the next neowin post whore with a great bag of crap.

Man, i'm addicted to this site, i can't even think of living without read it. I hope to win that speciall bag, and hope that isn't going to be taxed while travel here to Brazil.

I love free crap! It is the best kind of crap.

I can just imagine what is inside. Is it a USB stick, mars bar wrapper, the lost treasure Shangri La? The mind boggles!

PS. I love neowin bunches. Possibly one metric f#$k tonne.

I love Neowin for the news and forums. lots of great people on here. I'll be here for 9 yrs in November. woot

When ever Neowin is down for maintenance, I feel like a lost puppy, with no one to play with. I have turned many friends and family on to the website.

So in americian english ' I lovvvvvvvvvvve Neowin'

I love Neowin. There was a time in my life when I would go outside, breathe fresh air, feel the warmth of the sun on my skin, experience nature first hand and socialise with people of all ages, race, gender etc.
Thankfully those days are long gone. The fresh air would sting my throat. The sun would burn and hurt my eyes. beasties would sting and bite. Plants with weird smells and and also sting/burn. and everyone were mean and horrible.
Now in the comfort of my own home I don't have to worry about these things and can be truly happy for once.

Thank you Neowin. You are my one true love.

Now give me that bag of crap!

I love neowin so much that I've been warned for my excessive love to the place and still come back.

The only website I read daily cos it's the only website that's up front about leaving bags of crap on your doorstep and setting them alight.

Ok, I'm ready to start stamping!

This is the first site I check when it comes to important information about computers. Best on the web. OK, can I have the bag of crap? Please?

I love Neowin so much! Sadly, with love you also have to take and overcome the negative parts of what you are loving. Awesomely I can just overlook and keep going.

Neowin is the only site I have open all day for when I want to quickly refresh and see what's happening. Its there everyday and its the one (of two) of the only sites I visit daily (the other is Google). The only way Neowin could be any better is if it was beamed straight into my brain so I could check up on Neowin anytime I wanted.

I would really love a bag of crap, not just any crap however oh no! Neowin crap is the only crap I deal in! I love Neowin more than I love pizza and beer combined! That's a whole lotta lovin'.

I love Neowin! When when I first joined I totally thought it was neow - in, pronounced similarly to "meow".

To me Neowin in the the bees knees. And as we all know the knee of the bee is a rare and valuable commodity. not to be confused with the elbo which has no use to us but to take up space. I love you Neowin

..... i cannot stop reading Neowin i like it so much..... trawling through forums... posting bits n bobs her and there.... its like my drug.... need it to get my day going, and keep my day going.... if they ever bring out contact lenses that connect to the internet.... it's on like a billabong! A bag of crap to proudly sit on my desk, knowing it was from Neowin, and proudly announcing to all who question the bag of craps origin..... Neowin gave me this lovely bag of crap. So please Neowin, Pimp my Desk, with a bag of crap

I love Neowin so much i'd let Neobond have my baby... wait... that isn't possible... Unless i'm Arnold Schwarzenegger... which i'm not... Darn

I love Neowin so much, my colleagues tell me to stop reading it because I fill their heads with information like a bag of crap

See what I did there?

Whatta hel...lo there!

Just broke workmates Fujitsu coffeemug... if that crap bag contains any coffee mug, throw it here

I *heart* Neowin, and Neowin *hearts* me! This bag of crap would be the best thing that's ever happened to me in my whole miserable life! *sniffle*

I'm 24 and I've been on Neowin 9 years, more than a third of my life! Practically did all my growing up whilst using this website! Luckily, I can't see it going anywhere any time soon, and neither will I

WTF!..You're asking me to express my love of Neowin??? English language isn't advanced enough for that. But within its limited ability I can say that if neowin was a man, I would have become a gay!

I love Neowin so much it consists of over half of my open tabs at any given time both at home and at work. (my open tabs often exceed 20 or so)

Neowin is the only tech news site I go to, I figure if any of the others have any news worth a damn, Neowin will post something about it too.

To sum it all day starts with neowin news and ends with it, the only thing i look forward to after a crappy days of work.....thanks guys and keep up the good work.

Bag of crap? Is this for real? 19 years I've waited for this opportunity. Please Neowin, give it to me. I NEED this. I need CRAP in my life. I've never seen such a beautiful bag of crap in my entire life. I love you Neowin. I would leave my parents house to live with you. Please consider me.

I'm on Neowin several times throughout the day. I love it for the great news and entertaining and informative posts!

And believe you me, I wouldn't try to win a bag of crap on just any site, only neowin would I trust to send me a sanitary bag of crap!

My beloved neowin:
Since I met you back on December 25 of 2004, I could just form a dependency on you that fulfills almost every need, your news are always exiting, when I see your logo on my tweeter home page I feel a deep chill in my whole body and can never hold the emotion to click on you shortened and lovely URL starting with This community has helped me to pass through my life, sometimes helping with my homework, sometimes just reading the forum. Thanks to you I can tech-talk with my friends, thanks to you I am somebody, thanks to you I simply am and get to work the hardly awaken emotions I hold inside.
From the deepest of my heart, for you I left this comment sealed with my tears.
Thank you very much neowin.

How much I love Neowin? That's easy. Neowin forum's front page is permanently present among my opened tabs, it's there in my saved browser sessions and it's there in my speeddial (I am an Opera user). Moreover, I subscribe to Neowin Main, Software and Gamers feeds.

Neowin is and has been my favorite tech news site! It is the perfect combination between technical news and lay-mans news. Check this site multiple times a day! This site made me get into computers and electronics!

Umm... Neowin is a place to read up-to-date IT news, I even subscribed the RSS to make sure not to miss any entry!

Neowin just does what it suppose to, in a timely and positive manner. Thats what I love about Neowin. It's a daily stop, often several times a day. Its not so much that I love Neowin, I do love what it does for me.

I look at Neowin every day, several times a day just to see what's going on on the front page and to check out the forums. There is always someone asking for help with something and it's nice to see so many people respond with their $.02

To describe my love for Neowin, I want to introduce you to the new greatness, Neoplex. It isnt just 10^googol. The new Neoplex is equal to 10^2googol. Try to beat it, Eric Schmidt!

P.S. All I wanna say is that I really love Neowin.

I love neowin so much i wake up early just to catch up with new tech news that has happened whilst i've been sleeping!

A bag of crap......

...well, I guess I could send it to my ex-wife.....after all, she's probably lonely now and needs the company.......

Anyway, about Neowin. I don't post much here, but this site is on my "must read" every day. Good mix of tech news and (sometimes) intelligent discussion on the boards.

Looking forward to the next 10 years....


I love neowin because a lot of software projects that i use(d) are based (or were started) in it's forums. I remember how often i used to visit Neowin and Doom9 before i discovered RSS.

I love neowin! I've got RSS feeds from it on my phone/desktop/laptop, if thats not love then I dont know what is

Wtb that bag of crap

I love NeoWin so much, i access it on all of my portable devices, i even sneak a peak during my collage classes, what can i say, i needmy daily dose of NeWi.

I am in love with Neowin.... its my homepage for years now and probally will for years to come.... and now they give away a bag full of crap! Gimme one!

I love Neowin since I've found it. I'll love it tomorrow when I'll open it. And I will read, read and read again.

I love neowin and I need that bag of crap so that I can place it on my neighbor's porch, set it on fire and ring the door bell. Ok, I'm just kidding but that's what a bag of crap makes me think of doing.

Stop it right there! IOS here (that's the Interweb's Office of Sanitation for you laymen). I'm afraid but that bag of crap is a clear violation of internetic health sanitation rules. You'll have to hand it over to me, I mean, to us, at once.

Since we here at the IOS love Neowin so much we will overlook this indiscretion so you won't be fined.

Who needs regular crap when you can get Neowin crap?

Oh I suppose.. I love Neowin to the point that words cannot express. Good luck to everyone.

How much do I love Neowin? The Gamers' Hangout is populated mostly by trolls and idiots, yet I still keep coming back. I've been arguing with bags of crap for so long, it's about time I won a bag of crap!