Neowin Giveaway: D-Link DIR-685 -- last day to enter!

D-Link hooked us up with a DIR-685 and its time that we give this router away! If you didn’t catch the first part of the review, be sure to check it out here.  The winner will be announced in the second part of the review which will be posted this weekend.  So lets get down to business, how do you enter the drawing?

How to enter:

There are two ways to enter; the first way is the post a reply to this news post.  It is important that you post a new reply, do not reply to someone’s comment as that will not enter you into the drawing!

The second way to enter is to re-tweet this news post but you must do it in a certain fashion.  After you click the re-tweet link, make sure to add @dlinkpress and @bdsams to the tweet!  It is important to do it this way to make sure your information gets pulled into the pool so you have a chance at winning.

Finally, you can enter each day up until the drawing (but not more than once per day, we can tell if you do) using both methods.  There are no restrictions on location either, anyone can enter and anyone can win!  Good Luck!

Competition closes at 23:59 GMT on Friday March 12 (see other time zones).

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This would make for a great replacement for what I'm using now. It's an old dsl modem with a wireless router. I disabled the dsl and use it with my cable modem lol

I'd like to see one of these in action and see what all the hype is about having a LCD screen built into a wireless router

I wouldn't mind upgrading my home network. My old DIR-615 is on its way out. As always, Thank You Neowin for keeping me informed.

Impressive specs. Would certainly exceed my current D-Link router. This is a great opportunity. Thanks for the chance Neowin.

i hope that i could be picked because my router recently broke when we moved house :(
so im in need of a new router and this one looks fantastic.

The best of luck to you all :)

My other D-Link Networking equipment is getting so excited and anticipating this lovely router to be a new addition to their family. Just think of all the new tricks this baby could show them.

All the ducks are swimming the water, fa la la la la, fa la la la la.
All the ducks are swimming the water, fa la la la la, fa la la la la.

That looks pretty sweet. Been meaning to upgrade my standard Thompson o2 router for sometime now, with storage this would be great for me and my gf. Good luck everyone.

Welp, looks like it's my last shot at glory so i'll be giving it a shot again" alt="" />

I am about to do some computer upgrading for me and the wifey, I don't have enough to budget a new router. I would love to replace my DGL-4300. I would even donate my old one to anyone who needed it, if I won this.

Here is a little story:

Bill gates and Steve Jobs are talking about a possible co-operation between Apple and Microsoft for a new OS, solely for NAS systems.
After a while they came up with a solution and made the first NAS OS that is compatible with windows NAS applications AND unix apps/ mac os x NAS apps.
(I hear everyone now thinking "WTF?")
Now they still wanted to place something between the NAS and the end-user so different users would be able to access it at the same time. But they couldn't be arsed to make it themselves so they went on a trip through all companies to look for the best option::
Cisco: No option, to hard to understand for beginning users.
Linksys: We don't like the name
Netgear: Wannabe topgear according to us although we know nothing about the company.
D-Link: hmmm, this company sounds fun, let's check their products.
so they went through their catalogue of products and they came up with a D-Link DIR-685.
they reviewed it and their conclusion was that it was the best option.
In the end they decided to buy D-Link's full stock of D-Link DIR-685's to ship for free with their new NAS OS. ANd everyone NAS'ed happily ever after... ^^

I hope you enjoyed the story ;)

I thought at first this thing didn't seem that great. Then I checked it out a little more and I like it.

Been checking out the site for years and finally joined. I'll have to check out the forums and add my 2 cents.

Ok, so this is day, no,'s Friday and I've got that Friday feeling that I'll be winning this prize" alt="" /> Roll on tomorrow, I'll be waiting for the winner to be announced!!!

Me Chrizz06, likes D-Link DIR-685
Me Chrizz06, want D-Link DIR-685

This is such a nice router.
Good luck to you all and may the luckiest person win (me, me) :-)

Wouldn't mind winning this. Even though i wouldn't find much use from the LCD screen, the HDD slot would be interesting!

Entry 4. The fish have joined forces with my polar bear and my old router is now at the bottom of my fish tank. The reception isn't as good anymore.

Brad: My experience with routers has been mostly well but I've learnt to pay close attention to initial and 30+ or 120+ days comments and updates as well. Would you guys be able to add that for say 6 months from now - or better yet a year?

I heard a voice in the midst of the interwebs
And I looked and behold, a giveaway
And the item up for grabs read dlink
And awesome did follow with it.

Cannot remember if I posted today. So here I go. I leave anyone who is actually reading these, a joke.
My girlfriend's dog died. and I told her that we would get her a new one. She said no she didn't want a new one. So I take her to the pound anyways. She see's all of the dogs hopping around ear's flapping in the wind, like pick me pick me!! She loves it, its like her dog never died.
So her Dad just died today, She is taking it really hard, so I'm taking her to the nursing home tomorrow

Here I was searching for a new router, came across your Dlink review/giveaway & wow!
This really looks great! So …

My husband said he'll beat me if I don't win this router, so please let me win. Ok not really, but I still deserve it more :D

neoraptor said,
third time should be lucky. Btw that autoloading of comments is quite nasty (paging is better)
Yeah, it takes a while to load and then scroll through everything, doesn't it...

Day 3....entry 3.....third time lucky??? Even if I don't win, which - obviously - I will, this D-Link router looks like just what the doctor ordered, so I'll be raiding the piggy bank to get me one of these!!

That router looks really nice and I'm in a need for a new one to replace my aging Linksys that drops connections like it's the new cool thing to do.