Neowin Giveaway: Lite-On iHAS524 CD/DVD burner

lite-on ihas524

What Can I Win?
Last week we reviewed the Lite-On iHAS524 and now we are putting it up for grabs.  

The drive can write DVDs at speeds up to 24x and CDs up to 48x and it features:

  • Super AllWrite - the compatibility standard from Lite-On to offer the ability to read, write and re-write to any disc format on the market.
  • Smart-Burn - automatically adjusts writing strategy & running OPC to provide the best burning quality and avoid Buffer Underrun errors.
  • Smart-X - adjusts CD-DA/VCD/DVD data extraction to a fastest allowable speed according to both data request rate from host and disc quality.
  • ABS -  reduce vibration and noise during recording and reading.
  • LabelTag - fast and convenient way to label discs.

How Do I Enter?
To win the Lite-On CD/DVD burner post a comment below letting us know what you want for Christmas (its coming up faster than you think). The contest ends at Midnight EST on November 11th. The winner will be randomly choosen and PM'd. Readers from all over the world are welcome to enter. 

If you don't win, here is the Best Price @ Digital Living for $25.05 as of Nov 4th.

The Winner: 
Jeston, congratulations you are now the proud owner of a brand new CD/DVD burner!

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I really want a Sharp Aquos 46'' TV since I'm moving soon and I still have to lug around my big ass 32'' Sony Trinitron.. Never had a HD TV before so ... I'm waiting......

Wow... a quiz with a DVD burner to win, feels so 2003

Oh, and for Christmas I would want a... GeForce GTX 460 1GB or a Radeon 6850/6870!

I have no real wants for xmas, nothing beats spending time with family and friends. Its my first xmas living with my partner so thats enough for me. I will be receiving some presents so all i'll be asking for is new clothes, something new to wear on xmas day will do. I have everything else (or an apple time machine )

I'd take a 2nd GTX460 for xmas.

Just bought the iHAS424 from Newegg. Upset the seal was broken before it was shipped, but everything looked ok.

I want someone to babysit my kids so the wife and I can get some peace and quiet.

... and a Lite-On iHAS524 CD/DVD burner wouldn't go to waste.

All I want is a Lite-On iHAS524 CD/DVD burner. I seriously need a DVD burner. I don't have a DVD drive! PLEASE HELP NEOWIN! PLEASEEEEEEEE! This is not a joke.

I want my Wife and Son to be happy and safe for this holiday season. I can't be anymore serious. Bad history. =(

An email from Microsoft, telling me they want me to review and test all their latest products, including Windows Phone 7 devices ^^ ! That would be the best Christmas ever!

Upgrade for my laptop such as more memory or hard drive. This burner would be great for my little brother as his is already defect.

Either this cd/dvd burner, since mine started to die slowly But I would also like some nice Android phone, WD Mybook external drive or some brand new home gym equipment

"Readers from all over the world are welcome to enter. " I like!

I want good results in my examens in januari :-) and I want that my girlfriend is with my on christmas :-)

What I want is irrelevant since I have no money to buy. What I need is a job so I can get money to buy the things I want.

Now I beleieve in chistmas and Santa Claus... just because you Neowin...

I'll be a great chirstmas gift... The awesome LiteOn Burner...

I dont even have a HD TV in my house... Still using my 27'' Sony Trinitron... I have a 46'' Sharp LED TV in mind... But no $ to buy it right now!

I'm hoping Santa brings me a 3G Kindle. I made the mistake - one week prior to it's release - of promising my soon-to-be-wife that I would refrain from gadget shopping until after we've paid for our wedding early in the New Year.

Needless to I regret the timing of that promise

I'll have a new townhome by then, so hmm...a kitchen faucet or a dining room table would be cool. Hopefully I won't need a new furnace! ;-/

For Christmas, I'd like everyone to worship God, through Jesus Christ. He is "the way, and the truth, and the life."

No one comes to God except through him.

I want world peace for Christmas, but if that is not possible. Then I will settle for the Altec Lansing IMT800!

What I really want for Christmas....

I'd like one Christmas where it didn't feel like everyone was just trying to make a fast buck (dollar).

I'd like one Christmas where everyone honestly got together without always thinking that their "gifts" matter more, then the company they have.

I'd like one Christmas when everyone really did get a chance to be home with their family and not out working or fighting in a war.

I'd like one Christmas where every religious fanatic group took a holiday, rather then using this holiday to push out their issues.

I'd like one Christmas where everyone has a nice warm place to stay.

I have big wishes & they maybe very hard to imagine, but if there was the will they would all indeed be possible.

A new gaming mouse, similar to MX Revolution, which is not a gaming mouse but I like the buttons and design. Oh and this burner.

What I want: Windows Phone 7 device and an SSD for my home PC.
What I need: giftcards for groceries and clothes, we're house poor after remodeling this dump!

Dear Santa, this year i've been good, so bring me a 11" DualCore Netbook.... Thanks

[i know, i know, iPad is crushing netbook sales, but i don't want iPad]

I was kinda thinking that I would like to get Kinect as a gift. I'm intrigued by it but not enough to drop $150. I still have buyers remorse from the Sega CD.

I just want something for Christmas, doesn't seem like I'll be getting anything this year.

Good luck to everyone!

A new dvd writer lol my ones just started to break and sound like a hoover on steriods while making you worry if disk if going to explode inside.

For christmas, I would like a Lite-On iHAS524 CD/DVD burner. Failing that, the Special Edition of Inception, and a new Canon Digital Camera (haven't settled on which one yet).

My DVD writer has gone kaput. So would be nice if I win. I would love an HDTV and a Symbian^3/Maemo/Android or Windows Phone for Christmas.

My desktop doesn't have a DVD burner, even though it's like $20 at my local Micro Center. But I spend all my money on beer That burner needs a new home and that home is MINE

For Santa to slap some sense into Polyphony Digital & Sony and release Gran Turismo 5 and of course leave a copy for myself as well.

What I want for Christmas is a deeper relationship with Yahuweh and better understanding of how to operate effectively and successfully in our commercial system. As for material things, I will gladly take an Adam and/or a Drobo or something similar.

I just want to be able to enjoy the day with my family primarily my mom and dad; gifts dont mean much to me I prefer something deeper than a physical item. But a cd/dvd burner would be nice to burn those funny videos we make during the holidays!

How about a world where we can have some sense of peace and not have all our money taken out in taxes and a government that lives by the constitution

I want 2 Planar 24" monitors so I can have a dual-screen setup at home and 1 Planar 27" monitor for watching movies via our laptop. Plus 1 extra Planar 24" monitor to match my work monitor to have a dual-monitor setup at work too, since I am constantly raising and lowering windows...!! I'd also like to see forward progress upon improving the American and global economies, and I'd like more people to be aware of the increasing gap between rich, middle-class, and poor people throughout the U.S. and the world. Finally, I'd like my husband to be healthy and less in pain. Thank you, Tom

I am going to get an HTC EVO 4G within the coming weeks. I would want to get some car accessories for it like a dock. Mini-HDMI cables and all would be nice too. Maybe later during New Years I might get an SSD for my laptop or USB 3.0 external drive as I need more storage soon.

I want to give the Lite-On iHAS524 CD/DVD burner to my computer and I want to give me kids everything they want for Christmas, as I will not be getting anything this year cause my two kids and one on the way come first

I'd like to get a new video card, probably a GTX 480, though I'm eager to see what nVidia releases in the coming weeks. I'd also like to get a new hard drive (500GBs isn't quite cutting it anymore); I'll have to see how the Black Friday sales are looking.

This year I'd actually like some gift cards to various places since I'll be headed off to college in the summer.

I'd also love to get my hands on Kirby's Epic Yarn...

I want a land where Apple Users and Microsoft Users go to the same coffee shop and live in peace and talk about stability and operating system security between each other in harmony.

I would love a brand new computer system with 8GB of ram, 1 TB of data, the top Intel chip out there, as well a dvd burner with a blueray dvd drive with a 25 inch flat screen mointer. This would be my dream machine

I want to spend this Christmas with my girlfriend. She goes to college in NY and hopefully she can get some time off at work to fly over and spend it with us!

What I want for Christmas? A 26" LCD TV would be nice. As that would never happen I'd like that DVD burner

Dear Santa,

What I want for christmas is a Cooler Master HAF X Case with a brand new Lite-On iHAS524 CD/DVD burner from Neowin...

Our version of Santa actually used slaves to deliver the packages. We tell kids they are black from crawling though chimneys

Anyway, for Christmas, I want something that makes me happy