Neowin Giveaway: Logitech Wireless Solar Keyboard and Lapdesk N550

The spirit of Christmas is catching, we've been in the mood to give away a lot of great prizes lately. Logitech has given us more great products to give away, 10 lucky winners will receive one of two prizes. We are giving away 5 Wireless Solar Keyboards and 5 Lapdesk N550s. 

The prizes:

Wireless Solar Keyboard

We reviewed Logitech's K750 a little while back and now you have a chance to win this sleek little keyboard. The keyboard charges itself with any light that is available in the room and stores it in a battery that will last quite a long time. It has the Logitech unifying USB receiver so other compatible Logitech devices will work on the same USB plug. It's also very green, the box that it arrives in is made from recycled cardboard and the materials in the keyboard are PVC-free. 

Logitech N550

The Lapdesk N550 makes it more comfortable to sit and use your netbook for long periods of time. The bottom is made from a soft mesh fabric and the top is made to shield you from the heat generated by the laptop. It also features a pair of speakers to offer a better listening experience that what is offered in a base netbook. This design is intended for laptops 14" or smaller. 

How to enter:

  1. Retweet this giveaway (one entry per day)
  2. Leave a comment (one entry per day)
  3. Press the Like button Logitech's Facebook page (one time only)
  4. Follow Logitech on Twitter (one time only)

The contest ends on Christmas Day and the winners will be sent a PM in the forums. Good luck!


Wireless Keyboard

  1. Chasethebase
  2. booboo
  3. JamesWeb
  4. Rudy
  5. Snowcakes

Lapdesk N550

  1. Manson_AAN
  2. gaba gaba hay
  3. TheReaperMan
  4. StrykerMikado
  5. golemn
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merry christmas to everybody! It's 26-th morning already, shouldn't this end already? i'm sooooo waiting a PM already

Merry Christmas to all neowin users and their families. In the coming year I wish to everyone health and happiness, everything else will come by itself.

Err, think my last post was like minutes before midnight. Although if you're counting on GMT then I have no idea.

My final entry? lol.

Well its Christmas... for me anyway... so congrats to the winners and Seasons Greetings to the rest of you. Have a Safe and Happy Holiday!

From : Santa Snowcakes!

Possibly the last, Merry Christmas to all in advance. Hope you all have a great day and a joyous new year

both sound cool... keyboard for wife, or laptop thing for mom... LOL hopefully it goes by their luck, because i have none...

damn it took forever to scroll down and post a comment when it kept autoloading comments

Would actually like to win this one. My main computer is MacBook that has a broken screen plugged into my 37" LCD. Being my media center as well, I sit back and use it most of the time, and my current keyboard is getting a bit beat up (Logitech DiNovo Edge).

Totally want the lapdesk coz my laptop speakers are broken
and I won't burn my crotch and won't end up with testicular cancer

And all through the house.. not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse.... and then BAM I saw Neowin santa STUFFING my stocking with freebies woohoo ...... btw does neowin read these posts or do i just amuse myself? o.o

Joke of the day:
Tech Support: "What does the screen say now.."

Person: "It says, 'Hit ENTER when ready'."

Tech Support: "Well?"

Person: "How do I know when it's ready?"

Because of crisis I wont be able to give presents to my parents but this (keyboard) would be an perfect gift for them!

Liana, I load it at first tab and then continue on reading news on other sites so that this one can load =)

I'm in, the equipment looks the nuts, nice sleek bit of kit would fit in perfectly!

Be a lovely present (If you ship to the UK )